Where did colonists from France settle in North America?

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The territory of New France extended from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, west of the Appalachian Mountains. It consisted of five colonies: Canada, Acadia, Hudson Bay, Plaisance (Newfoundland) and Louisiana.
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What war settled the issue of whether France or Britain would dominate North America?

\n. \n Britain and France in North America \n. \nBy 1763, at the end of the French and Indian War, France's role in North America was minimal, especially as it then handed Louisiana to Spain in lieu of a cash subsidy. \n. \nBritain may have appeared to reign supreme but soon Britain lost the ( Full Answer )

Where did the majority of new France colonists settle?

The majority of New France colonists settled along the SaintLawrence River. The establishment of New France began with thefounding of the first French permanent settlement near Quebec in1608 by Samuel de Champlain.

Where did the Sioux Indians settle when they came to North America?

Answer . I believe to Sioux Indians are from the Dakota's. . North and South Dakota's and parts of the surrounding states. Most tribes or camps travelled so not to use up all the resources in one area. . According to Sioux traditions, they were originally from the Great Lakes area. Their language ( Full Answer )

Why did the English settle in North America?

The English settled in North America for a variety of reasons. Somewanted adventure in the New World. The pilgrims came to America forreligious freedom.

Where did the Spaniards settle in North America?

Three basic areas in the current United States : . The Southwest: Texas, California (Including Baha Peninsula), Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Oklahoma; . Spanish Florida: The current Florida and sections of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. . Louisiana (Purchase): includes m ( Full Answer )

When did the British settle in North America?

When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1629. Improvement: The English first attempted settlement on Roanoke Island, present-day North Carolina. This colony failed, and the English only finally "succeeded" at Jamestown, Virginia, which was initially settled by the English beginning in 1607. ( Full Answer )

Where did the british settle in North America?

The British settled in various areas in North America. Mainly in the Hudson bay area and the 13 colonies. but before that it was just small settlements and such as Jamestown and St. George in Bermuda, these were small settlements, one of the long lasting one was not an English starter but a Dutch on ( Full Answer )

Why did it take so long for natives to settle in north America?

native Americans were already "settled" in north America when europeans "discovered" it... so I don't know what you're trying to ask here....... can you be more specific? what year did the native Americans come to north America?

Why did the dutch settle in north America?

The Dutch settled in North America because the Dutch governmentwanted to find a new route to the Indies as well as find anyuncharted areas. The Dutch started two settlements, New Netherlandsand New Amsterdam.

Where did the Native Americans migrate from before settling in North America?

It is generally believed the Native American Peoples are descended from those who migrated from northeastern regions of Europe Asia (Siberia is not in Europe) such as Siberia, across a land bridge and into Alaska. From there, they worked their way steadily south through what is now Canada, the U ( Full Answer )

Where did France settle in north America?

France colonized a very large stretch of land in the sixteenth century stretching around the northern and northwestern parts of the British thirteen colonies to all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Much of this territory was sold to the United States of America with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Why did the English want colonists in North America?

$$$! Seriously, the English sent colonists for one main reason-gold. They believed the New World was lined with gold and all sorts of riches, but however, some colonies like Jamestown didn't have much success. As they had no idea what they were going to, why would they think gold, they went to g ( Full Answer )

Why did the Spanish colonists settled in America?

The Spanish came to America for gold to spread Christianity andescape religious persecution. Under the auspices of the Spanishcrown, their explorers and conquistadors came to the New World tostake out territorial claims. This was the some of the same reasonsthe English, Dutch and French explorers ca ( Full Answer )

What region of north America did the British settle?

The east coast. Improvment: Specifically, from southern Maine to as far south as coastal Georgia during the late sixteenth through the early-to-mid eighteenth centuries. The first places were North Carolina (then a part of Virginia), Massachusetts/Plymouth Colony, and Maine. The English later spre ( Full Answer )

Where did people settle in North America?

People settled all over North America. In the U. S. , the firstarrivals mainly settled on frontier land. This basicallyencompassed the Eastern seaboard. It would take several years,however, before the colonies would see expansion to the west. TheBritish, Spanish, French, and other European explorers ( Full Answer )

Where did the first colonists settle in America?

The first colony was the "lost colony" of Roanoke, an island off the coast of South Carolina. This colony disappeared and historians still don't know what happened. The next colony was Jamestown. Jamestown was begun in 1607 by a group of investors who sent 104 men to look for gold. They landed in an ( Full Answer )

Who were the first colonist to settle in North America?

The first permanent settlement was in Jamestown, Virginia. There goal was to become rich from the gold they hoped to find in this "New World", but instead most of them ended up dyeing from malaria. Jamestown was built on a peninsula, so they could see if an attack was coming, but it was bitter-sweet ( Full Answer )

What part of land did Spain settle in North America?

At one time or another, Spain controlled and settled all the land in North America from southern Mexico north to northern California and all of what is now the southern US from California to Florida.

Why did the English colony settle in north America?

The group called Pilgrims were persecuted in England for being Puritans because the state religion was Anglican (because Henry VIII's wanted yet another divorce and the Catholic Church didn't let him so he broke off from the church and made a new religion England would live by) so they set out for t ( Full Answer )

When did Britain first settle in north America?

The English first attempted settlement on Roanoke Island, present-day North Carolina. This colony failed, and the English only finally "succeeded" at Jamestown, Virginia, which was initially settled by the English beginning in 1607. Incidentally, the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in November of 1620, ( Full Answer )

Why did new France emigrate to north America?

Neither New France nor France itself emigrated to North America, but many French people did. They migrated seeking to get away from religious persecution or seeking to improve their economic situation, or because they were sent and soldiers and decided to stay in a new land.

Why did the early colonists want to settle in north America?

The king in England wanted them to be in his church and they didn't want to.....so they moved to Holland but the English kids were taking up foreign customs so then they got this guy (I'm sorry i don't know the guy off the top of my head) and they got on the mayflower and sailed to america....and pl ( Full Answer )