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The fact that horses became extinct in their continent of origin and were reintroduced has caused some people to mistakenly believe horses originated elsewhere in the world, but actually they originated in North America.

It is believed that some modern horses (E. Caballus) migrated across the Bering Straight land bridge into Asia and on into Europe. Starting with Columbus, Europeans such as the Spanish, brought horses back with them as they colonized North America.

correction: They did not originate in North America if they crossed the Bering Strait from Asia. Asia would be the best guess for the origination of horses.

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Where did the Lakota's horses originally come from?

Southern california

Where did feral horses originally come from?

They came from Arabia. That's where feral horses came from. ily:)

What country did horses come form?

Horses originally evolved over the continents of North America and Central Asia/Europe.

How did horses come to the US originally?

Horses were first reintroduced to the US by the Spanish explorers when they brought Sorria, Lusitano, Andalusian, and Spanish Jennet stock with them.

Where are horses from originaly?

Horses are originally from the west prairies.

Where did horses come from originally?

Horses originated from all over the world mostly from Spain then brought over to Canada and bred with other different types of horses that were brought from other parts of the world.

Where did horse's originally come from?

Horses originally developed over a course of some 65 million years. They developed over the continents of Eurasia and North America.

Where did the horses on the first fleet come from?

Originally (10000 years ago) horses came from the steppes of Asia.However, the horses that arrived in New South Wales on the First Fleet were purchased at Cape Town.

Where did horses origanate?

Horses originally evolved in North America.

Where do Friese horses live?

They originally come from the Netherlands but can now be found in other places around Europe and beyond.

What animals originally come from Europe?

Several common animals originally came from Europe. These animals are certain types of dogs, cattle, horses, crabs, pigs, and more.

Horses originally came from which European country?

Horses developed over the North American and Eurasian continents. They did not come from one specific country and we reintroduced to the Americas by the Spanish explorers.

Where did the Pinto horse originally come from?

This is a educated guess not a surefire answer. But from what i have seen it is from Spain because Pinto horses are descends from the Spanish Horse.

Do horses come from Japan?

Originally no. But for the Japanese citizens that can afford them, horses have a strong following. The biggest challenge is real estate. They are lacking the miles and miles of land we take for granted in North America.

Where did hummingbirds originally come from?

were did hummingbirds originally come from

How did horses originally get to America?

by boat from Europe

What animals originally came from Spain?


Do lakota use horses?

The Lakota which were originally called the Dakota. Were introduced to horses by 1730 by the Cheyenne and have used horses ever since.

Where do turkeys originally come from?

Turkeys originally come from South America.

Where did palomino horses originate from?

quarter horses No, palomino comes from iberian horses that originally carried the genes for palomino. ( think Lusitano horse).

Clydesdale horses were originally used to sell which beer?


Where did the Pitno horse originate from?

Pinto horses are originally from Spain.

Where in north America did horses originate from?

They originally came from Europe.

Where did the American Quarter Horses come from?

The American Quarter horse was developed originally in Virginia. The breed was created by crossing horses used for sprint racing onto other breeds, which included Mustangs, Morgans and some 'Indian' ponies. After that the Thoroughbred was used to increase the horses size and speed.

Where did pumpkins originally come from?

Pumpkin's are originally from America.