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south and Central America

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Are iguanas the same as lizards?

Iguanas are lizards but not all lizards are iguanas. Iguanas are just one type of lizard out of many.

Are iguanas picky?

Iguanas are picky.

Do iguanas have to be in the heat?

Domestic iguanas do.

Do Iguanas have hair?

no, iguanas do not have hair.

What do iguanas eat and what eats iguanas?

Iguanas eat dark, leafy, green veggies. Mostly animals bigger than iguanas will eat them.

Are iguanas loners?

Iguanas are kind-of loners.

Are iguanas herbivorescarnivores or omnivores?

Iguanas are herbivores.

Are iguanas hirbevores?

yes iguanas are herbivores

What part of Australia do iguanas live in?

Iguanas are not native to Australia. The only iguanas in Australia are those found in zoos, such as the Green Iguanas at Australia Zoo.

Are lizards and iguanas related?

Iguanas are a kind of lizard.

Do iguanas eat veggies?

yes iguanas are vegetarians

Do pythons eat iguanas?

No pytons do not eat iguanas.

Do rats eat iguanas?

no iguanas eat rats

Do iguanas have a prehensile tail?

Iguanas do not have a prehensile tail.

What are iguanas?

Iguanas are a type of tropical lizard. They have bony crests and are green in coloring. Iguanas are often kept as pets.

Contrast Galapagos iguanas to South American iguanas?

Mainland Iguanas have short claws for climbing trees while Galapagos Iguanas have long claws for hanging on to slippery rocks.

Do iguanas slither like snakes?

No, iguanas are not known for slithering.

Are banana peel poisonous to iguanas?

i think that i is not poisonous to iguanas.

What adaptations do iguanas have?

iguanas have a spiky tail to whip predators. (:

Do iguanas have scaly skin?

yes iguanas have scaly skin. An Iguanas' skin is rough and coarse similar to dry fish scales

How long are iguanas?

iguanas get up to 6 ft and 11 pounds

Where are iguanas found?

iguanas are mostly found in california florida mexico

What insects do iguanas eat?

Iguanas do not eat insects because they are herbivores.

Do crocodiles eat iguanas?

in places where crocodiles and iguanas live together

How long ago did iguanas live?

Iguanas lived approximately NOW.

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