Where did pigs come from?

Our ancient ancestors were the first people to hunt wild pigs. The male wild pigs are called boars. But wild boars are very dangerous to hunt. They are smart, strong and they have long sharp tusks and teeth.

It is much safer to domesticate pigs and have them tame, although even tame pigs can still be a little dangerous. People first began to keep tame pigs about 6000 BC, in West Asia. Pigs were a very popular source of food all through antiquity, from West Asia all the way to England, from Scandinavia to North Africa. They care for themselves independently, and they will eat a variety of foods to include apple cores, meat or even peapods. Pig meat is also relatively easy to preserve by smoking it, like bacon, salami or pepperoni.

From at least 1000 BC, most Jews would not eat pig meat. The Bible says that pig meat is forbidden for Jews.

Quran (the holy book in Islam) said that Muslims should not eat pigs,Blood or dead animals (apart of fish).So pigs became much less common around the Mediterranean about 700 AD.

Pigs are one of the purest breeds on our planet. They have been breed within their own species, just like all most all common farm animals, to get the strongest most healthest pig possible. However pork does spoil very quickly in the heat of the day. You can get very very ill from eating tainted pork. The dietary habits over generations developed to describe Pigs as "dirty." It's easier just to say, "don't eat it. it's dirty," than to try to explain germs and bacteria when you don't even know what they are yet. As we know today, you can get a disease called trichinosis from eating pork that is not cooked enough.