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Where did the Cold War take place?


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the cold war actually necer really had a certain place that it was taken at but it did have to do with the U.S and Russia after World War II


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It take place some where you don't know that is why you are looking.

The Afghanistinian war. Russian War, and The Cold War. ;)

The cold war did not take place in any specific location. It did however involve the United States and Russia because they were the only super powers left in the world after WWII.

Yes, right in the middle of the Cold War, as the USA government was fighting the spread of Communisim

it took place at Russia and America. but it did kinda take place in Cuba and Turkey

The battle took place at Cold Harbor Virginia, about 10 miles northeast of Richmond.

The Cold War was the NAME of a military stand-off between the USSR & US both of whom were armed with Nuclear Weapons. The Atomic Weapons created the Cold War. There was no actual war fought.

The Cold War was not "cold" per say, but was simply the name of a war that took place.

No it happened way after WW1. It even came after WW2.

There was NO place in the Cold War that had action. That is why it was called " cold" . If any action had taken place it would have resulted in total war.

I am sorry while as a Canadian it would be nice to think of France as an incident, it was not. ;) I think the question is did France take part in the cold war and did the cold war happen in France. Generally France is a NATO country and was actively involved in Opposing the USSR and its goals during the cold war. That would mean that there were incidents in France constituting that the cold war happened partially in France.

The Battle of the Bulge was an engagement during WW II. It did not take place during the cold war

A large part of the Cold War staring contest took place in Berlin, which was then divided, although the city was located entirely within Communist East Germany. Suggest you search "Berlin Airlift" and "Berlin Wall" for further info on Berlin's role in the Cold War.

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Russia immediately refused entrance or exit of any citizen once they took over their claimed lands and the war began

The Cold toke place from 1945 to 1991. It started at the Yalta Conference Feburary 4th through 11th 1945. And it ended without a signal shot in 1991 with american the victor.

The cold war never really took place. It was when the USA and Russia threatened that they were going to launch nuclear missiles. There were arms bases stationed all throughout the coast of the USA, ready to launch missiles at the command of there leader (the president)

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place was created in 1995.

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