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The Stone Age people did not live anywhere at first. The were a nomadic people. When they found a cave they would use it for shelter.

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Mostly other old stone age people.

Well, I sincerely doubt the stone age was alive, but stone age people lived on all of them except for Antarctica.

stone age people populated most of the world and specifically lived in caves

Not many people live long in the stone age. There were not doctors back in the stone age.

the old stone age lived in caves,tents,and tepees

Stone Age came first and then Stone Age tribes discovered copper and tin.

Stone age people lived into their 80's or beyond, if they survived childhood. Most of them didn't live past 5.

Archeology finds have indicated that the average life of the "stone-age" man, the "cromagnon" was approx. 28 years of age.

people lived in huts and, like the neolithic age {new stone age} were farmers.

they lived in tunnels and caves

Of the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, the one that was the earliest was the Stone Age. The Stone Age occurred first followed by the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age.

the first stone age began in 500,000bc

Answerpeople of the stone age mostly lived in caves because they were nomadic people meaning they moved a lot. AnswerClearly some Stone Age people lived in caves, and we can show this by the presence of artifacts in the caves. On the other hand, there are very few caves in much of the world, and nomads tend not to live in caves, but in tents. So we can be pretty sure that some Stone Age people did not live in caves, also. There is a link below to an article on nomads.

Early stone age people were hunter gatherers, they did not live in houses. Later in the stone age people did begin to settle down and farm, and the transition from stone to bronze did not, of itself, drive a change in house design.

The first stone age tool was a stick

The difference between the Stone and Bronze Age is that during the Stone Age, people used stone to make tools and weapons. During the Bronze Age, people used bronze to make tools and jewelry. In the Bronze Age, the first metal that people used to make tools and jewelry was copper.

how people trade in the old stone age

Stone age people live in caves. They sometimes use the animal's bones, sticks or stones to make a hut. Stone age people use the animals fur or other remainders to make clothes or everyday household.

No one knows when people first started using stone implements, but it was several million years ago. People began smelting copper about 1,500 B.C. At that point, the copper age began. Still, more tools were made of stone than copper. The later iron age began about 800 B.C. At that point iron tools began replacing stone for many uses. They did not replace stone or clay for food handling purposes. That would only happen gradually. We still have clay eating utensils. South America has Indian Tribes using stone implements. Stone age people live today.

well first of allin the stone age there weren't any type of carsand practically the people in the stone age were lazy to runand its exchausting to run everywhere

The first period of the stone age is called paleolithic.

When Stone Age people died,people carried on with their

Well, they lived in tents,caves,and teepees, but usually for the old stone age such as (OSA) they usually lived in caves.