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Where did the church power come from?

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from the ignorance of ordinary people

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What impact did King Henry VIII have on the catholic church?

King Henry VIII took power away from the Catholic Church which impacted the role of the Church in society for centuries to come. Henry wanted to take power away from the Pope by creating the Church of England which would allow him to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. This was a blow to power that the Church had never seen before, and many monarchs and leaders all over the world followed in England's footsteps in the years to come and slowly took power away from the Church and gave more power to the state.

How did the catholic church maintain its power during the middle ages?

created superstitions for to the people to scare them so they would come to church because they were scared

What power did the Catholic Church have in 1500?

In the 1500s the Catholic Church had a lot of power. The church had built up their power of the years and priests themselves had a lot of power.

Where did the Roman Catholic Church power come from?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Roman Catholic Church was established by Jesus Christ from the Cross and was confirmed by the Holy Spirit on Pentecost who perdures in the Church until the end of the age. The Church is both the Mystical Body of Christ AND His most holy Spouse. Obviously any power that She has comes from God.

Where did the saying come as you are come from?

It probably came from church as people are supposed to come to church as they are, as they are cleansed there and not before.

Did the church of christ come from the baptist church?


Who had power in feudal Europe?

The nobility and the king had power, but over them was the Catholic Church. The church was the ultimate power over everyone.

Where did the power the of Holy Roman Emperor come from?

Technically the power of the Holy Roman Emperor comes from the Pope since Charlemagne was given this title by the Pope for protecting the Catholic Church from Lombards.

Where did the churches power come from?

The Church gained power after the Roman empire fell. For many years, Christians were persecuted by Roman emperors who were strongly opposed to the Church. When the Roman empire was falling, Constantine went into power and allowed Christians to practice their faith openly. Romans turned to the religion to hold on to their many traditions and practices, which is why the Church is heavily influenced by Roman culture. More and more people turned to Christianity during the fall of Rome which allowed the Church to gain the power it needed to survive over many centuries.

Who has the power in theocracies?

The Leaders of the church have the power, and is derived from God.

How did the church increase secular power?

malkested children to get the power!

How did the Catholic Church use its power to uphold its teachings?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe only "power" that the Church has is that of her Blessed Lord. As it is His teachings that she proclaims, it is His power that she uses to uphold them.

Why does the church still have power over people today?

The Church still has the power of the people because they're extremely rich. ANSWER The Church has power mainly over the uneducated, but also uses the power of guilt and the unknown to influence people to remain under its control.

Why did early colonists want the separation of church and state?

to keep the church from gaining too much power and control over government. perhaps the colonists were thinking of the crusades and didn't want the church ever having that kind of power again. look what they did with it the first time around - and in point of fact, the church is still wielding its power, only it's slightly more hidden from the public eye. also, the church kept knowledge hidden from the public at large - if churches had power over school systems, children would learn nothing useful or be able to advance to colleges and universities. the church doesn't like people who can think, because people who can think might come to realize that "religion" is myth. people may also come to realize that they can hold their beliefs of a religious nature with out the church - and there would go the churches' money and power. ultimately, the colonists realized that, to advance knowledge and escape superstition, to allow for education, the church should be kept out of government.

How much power does the pope have at the eastern orthodox church?

The Pope has no power over the Orthodox Church. There are 7 Patriarchs, who are equivalent to a Pope.

Why did the kings of France seek to weaken church power in their lands?

money in the church

Who were the people in power in the medieval church?

The church was Catholic so it was the Pope and the priests.

Did Henry reform the church for power?

He reformed the church so he could get divorced.

Why did the church lose power during the Renaissance?

because people didn't git killed as often for questioning the masters A.K.A CHURCH Wrong, the church lost power because of the unification of the "new monarchs". It was no longer church over state, as this was a threat to the sovereign power of the monarch. Not only that, but before that an event known as the Great Schism took place and the church lost a lot of reputation then. Then there was the Avignon papacy, which really screwed the church over. That is why the church lost power during the Renaissance.

Did the nobility have the most power in the middle ages?

The church had higher power

How black death changed society in regards to the Catholic church?

church had so much power over the people. After Black Death people lost their faith and church lost power.

What has the author David S Schuller written?

David S. Schuller has written: 'Emerging shapes of the church' -- subject(s): Church and the world, Church renewal 'Power structures and the church' -- subject(s): Christianity and culture, Church and the world 'Power structures and and the church' -- subject(s): Christianity and culture, Church and the world

How did the aid papal and church power over the king?

The Catholic Church was both church and government because it could tell the king what to do. The power of the king came from God and the church was the connection between man and God. The church set the rules for society, the crown, and everything.

What role did government play in The Crucible?

the government was theocratic and the church had all power to make decisions. Power was also given to the state but by the church.

What did the Treaty called the Concordat of Worms give the church sole power to do?

It gave the Church the power to appoint bishops and other religious leaders