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The Napoleanic Wars took place in:






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Where in Spain did the Napoleonic Wars take place?

The war in Spain was only a part of the Napoleonic Wars. Battles were fought in many places from Corunna to Cadiz, from Fuentes de Onoro to Tarragona.

When did Napoleonic Wars happen?

Napoleonic Wars happened in 1803.

When were the Napoleonic Wars?

The Napoleonic Wars were from 18 May 1803 to 20 November 1815 .

What was the time period for Napoleonic Wars?

The time period of the Napoleonic Wars was 1803 to 1815.

How did british take control of cape colony?

The British won the Napoleonic Wars.

When did Henry Clinton - Napoleonic Wars - die?

Henry Clinton - Napoleonic Wars - died in 1829.

When was Henry Clinton - Napoleonic Wars - born?

Henry Clinton - Napoleonic Wars - was born in 1771.

When was Portuguese Legion - Napoleonic Wars - created?

Portuguese Legion - Napoleonic Wars - was created in 1808.

When did German campaign - Napoleonic Wars - happen?

German campaign - Napoleonic Wars - happened in 1813.

What wars were Napoleon Bonaparte in?

The French Republican Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.

What wars did Napoleon fight in?

The French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.

What wars was Napoleon Bonaparte a part of?

The French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.

How does Clausewitz explain about Napoleonic Wars?

He was a France rule who tried to take over other countries.

Where was nelson killed?

On board HMS Victory during the battle of Trafalgar which took place during the Napoleonic Wars.

Did napoleon bonapartes' retreat end the Napoleonic wars?

The Napoleonic Wars ended with Napoleon's exile to St. Helena after the Battle of Waterloo.

Who won the Napoleonic wars?

There were seven wars, called war of the coalitions. Ex: War of the first caolition. France won 5 out of the 7 wars but ultimately lost the Napoleonic Wars. But 5 out of 7 wars isn't bad.

What was the main difference between the Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars?

The revolution was a war fought by the bourgeoisie against the monarchy and the royal family. The Napoleonic wars were wars fought abroad by Napoleon and his troops to concur land.

How long did the Napoleonic war go on for?

The Napoleonic wars went on from the the year 1800 through 1815.

How many Britons died in the Napoleonic wars?

The total of British dead during the Napoleonic Wars has been put at 311,806 British dead or missing

Who was the battle of Waterloo between?

The famous battle of Waterloo, during the Napoleonic Wars, took place between France and England.

What position did the US take during the Napoleonic Wars?

The US stayed out of the Napoleonic wars as it had only had independence for 20 years at the start of the war. It was not strong enough economically or militarily to stand up to Britain by supporting France so it steered clear of the war.

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