Where do Mormons live in canada?

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There are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) all over Canada. Mormons don't live in any particular place or clustered together, they live in regular homes in regular neighborhoods.

Here is the breakdown of Mormons in each province:

Alberta: 78,120 baptized Mormons

British Columbia: 29,605 baptized Mormons

Manitoba: 4,655 baptized Mormons

New Brunswick: 2,930 baptized Mormons

Newfoundland: 741 baptized Mormons

Northwest Territories: 124 baptized Mormons

Nova Scotia: 4,993 baptized Mormons

Nunavut: 185,149 baptized Mormons

Ontario: 46,452 baptized Mormons

Prince Edward Island: 449 baptized Mormons

Quebec: 11,137 baptized Mormons

Saskatchewan: 5,671 baptized Mormons

Yukon Territory: 272 baptized Mormons

If you'd like to find and visit a Mormon congregation in Canada, check out the "Related Links" below to find the congregation closest to you.

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Q: Where do Mormons live in canada?
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What state in the US do Mormons live?

Mormons live in every state. The highest percentage of Mormons is in Utah, and the highest amount of Mormons in in California.

Where do most Mormons live outside the US?

Of the 13,824,854 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) worldwide, 7,785,947 live outside the United States. That is, 56% of all baptised Mormons live outside the U.S. Nations with quite a few Mormons are: Canada 179,801 Mormons (1% of Mormons are Canadian, 0.5% of Canadians are Mormon) Samoa 69,224 Mormons (0.5% of Mormons, 39% of Samoans) Tonga 55,173 Mormons (0.5% of Mormons, 53% of Tongans) Mexico 1,197,573 Mormons (8.7% of Mormons, 1% of Mexicans) Guatemala 220,296 Mormons (1.6% of Mormons, 1.6% of Guatemalans) El Salvador 105,501 Mormons (0.8% of Mormons, 2% of El Salvadorians) Hondouras 136,408 Mormons (1% of Mormons, 2% of Hondourans) Brazil 1,102,674 Mormons (8% of Mormons, 0.6% of Brazilians) Chile 561,920 Mormons (4% of Mormons, 3.3% of Chileans) Peru 480,816 Mormons (3.5% of Mormons, 1.7% of Peruvians) Philippines 631,885 Mormons (4.6% of Mormons, 0.7% of all Philippinos) UK 186,082 Mormons (1.3% of Mormons, 0.3% of all UK) Australia 126,767 Mormons (0.9% of Mormons, 0.6% of Australians) New Zealand 100,962 Mormons (0.7% of Mormons, 2.4% of all New Zealanders) To compare, the United States has 6,038,907 Mormons. That's 44% of Mormons and 2% of all Americans. But you can find Mormons in nearly every nation of the World! The "Related Link" below has a great population statistics map related to Mormon Church membership.

What were the Mormons going to do with there land?

Live on it!

To what western city did the Mormons finally migrate?

The Mormons settled in a number of cities in Utah, Idaho, California, western Canada, and Arizona

How many Mormons live in Panama?

Around 35,343.

Why did the Mormons live New York?

Mormons live everywhere around the USA and also around the world - so it would be stranger if there wouldn't be LDS in NY

In America where do most Mormons live?

Of the approximately six million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called "Mormons") living in the United States, a vast majority live in the west. The states containing the most Church members are: Utah with 1,858,000 (31% of American Mormons) California with 756,000 (13% of American Mormons) Idaho with 407,000 (7% of American Mormons) Arizona with 375,000 (6% of American Mormons) Texas with 278,000 (5% of American Mormons) Washington with 258,000 (4% of American Mormons)

How many Mormons live in Canada?

End of 2009 records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) list 179,801 baptized members of the Church in Canada. There are between 350 and 400 Mormon congregations in Canada, and 8 temples.

How Mormons live in massachuetts?

Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) in Massachusetts live just the same as Mormons most anywhere else. Mormons blend with the culture of their community, live in typical homes, dress in typical clothing, and have typical jobs. Mormons do tend to be very religious and believe that worship is the way you live your life, not just what you do at church. Mormons often hold daily family prayer and scripture study in their homes. They believe in clean living and avoid smoking, drugs, alcohol, and coffee. While Mormons still wear the fashions of the day, they avoid revealing clothing or 'extreme' looks. Mormons also devote much of their time to service both in the community and in their congregations.

Do Mormons live in Bethlehem?

If you are referring to the Biblical city of Bethlehem in Israel, yes, there are a handful of Mormons in Bethlehem. Mormons are forbidden from proselyting in Israel, however, so it is difficult for the Church to grow there.

Where do most Mormons live?

Over 60% of the 14 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) live outside the United States. About 10% of Mormons live in Utah.

Does Heber City have to do anything with non Mormons?

Well, there are many non-Mormons who live there, and there are churches of several other denominations in Heber.

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