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The best thing would be to get a vacuum schematic. Get one from MOTORLIT.COM. You might also try to obtain an original Toyota workshop manual for the 22RE engine. Take a look under the hood of your vehicle....there should be a sticker (unless you have replaced the hood for some reason), that will show you a diagram of the vaccuum lines and where they are correctly connected. If you cannot find this sticker, try asking your local Toyota dealership for a copy of the sticker, diagrams from their repair manuals, or look into purchasing a Chilton's Repair Manual at your local auto parts store (about $20.00).

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Q: Where do each of the vacuum hoses go on a Toyota 22RE engine?
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What is the spark plug gap for a 1994 Toyota 22RE engine?

The recommended spark plug gap for a 1994 Toyota 22RE is .032"

Where is the knock sensor located on a Toyota 22re?

engine bay

What hoses can you do with out on a Toyota 22re fuel injection?

Since it is fuel injected, you will trip the engine light if you start ditching hoses. Now if you are running a smog exempt engine, you can lose just about every smog component you are running and ignore the light. But I'm not sure why else you would want to unplug hoses?

What engine is fit to Toyota 4runner 1988 model?

22RE or the 3.0L.

What are the Flywheel Bolt Torque settings for a Toyota 22RE engine?


Why does my Toyota truck with 22re engine surge while idling?

Is the AC turned on?

How much oil does a Toyota 22re engine hold?

41/2 quarts

Is an 86 Toyota 22RE motor a non-interface engine?

yeah It is

What type of oil is best for a 1994 Toyota 4X4 truck 22RE engine?


How do you change the throttle position sensor on a 1990 Toyota 22re engine?

take it to the crusher

How big is the gas tank on a 1988 Toyota pickup with a 22re engine?

17.2 gallons

Where is the oil sending unit on Toyota 22re engine?

Right below the oil filter.

What can cause the Coolant mix with the oil in a Toyota 22re engine?

head gasket is leaking into oil

What direction does 22re Toyota thermostate go?

the spring should always go to the inside of the engine

Will a 22R 1991 Toyota engine interchange with a 1984 Toyota pickup. explain how do i put a 22re into 1984 what do i need to do?


What are the Engine options for 1989 Toyota SR5 pickup?

the 89 toys had the 22r 22re and 3.0 v6

What type of oil does a 1987 Toyota 22re with turbo engine use?

Full synthetic SAE 10w30.

What is the spark plug gap 1986 Toyota 22re?

The recommended spark plug gap for a 1986 Toyota 22RE is .032"

1987 Toyota Pickup 22R Ignition Timing?

Anyone can tell me that what is of the ignition timing of the 22R engine, carberator ? Haynes book states; Zero for 22R, and 5 degrees for 22RE.

What are the wires coming out of a 22re ignitor?

what does the ignitor assembly do on a 87 toyota 4runner(22re)

What type of engine does a 1994 Toyota have.It's a 4 cylinder.?

22r or 22re unless it's been changed.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1986 Toyota Pickup 2wd long bed with a 22re engine?

Inside the gas tank

What should it cost to have a timing chain kit installed on a 1993 Toyota Truck with a 22RE Engine?

Five hundred dollars.

What vehicles use a 22re Toyota engine?

85-95 Pickups and 4-Runners; also the 83-85 Celica

What is the horsepower of 1994 Toyota 22re?