Where do lions live?

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If you are talking about a natural habitat:

Lions live in prairies, semi-arid plains and Savannah grasslands within southern areas of the African continent. Many thousands of years ago, lions were plentiful throughout Europe, southern Asia, eastern and central India and the entire African continent. Today, they have been wiped out from all other continents (apart from Africa) except for a small region of India. They have even been hunted to extinction in the north of Africa, so now they are only found naturally south of the Sahara Desert.

Even though lions have the nickname of "King of the Jungle", they do not live in heavy forests or jungles; nor do they live in desert areas due to a lack of prey. Asiatic lions live in the Gir Forest of India (in the state of Gujarat), although they have reached near-extinction. The ones that live in the Gir Forest are protected by the Nawab of Junagadh. These few remaining (approximately 200 in 1990) are still at risk as their habitat has shrunk by over half since the beginning of the twentieth century. They are also not the true Asiatic lion, but a sub-species that survived past the deadly time of the 20th century.

Lions may also live in zoos, conservation parks and preservation sites.

Most lions live in Africa, mainly on the savannah, although some lions live in the forests. Most lions live in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Senegal, and they are the largest African lions. There is also a minority in Botswana and the Congo. Moreover, there are Asiatic lions which live at south-east India (Gir Forest).

In the wild, the African lion is found in parts of eastern and southern Africa.


Most of them live in Africa, a continent south of Europe. There are some in India, and a few scattered in the Middle East.

There are also the Mountain Lion - or Cougar, living along the Rookie Mountain and Andres Mountain

in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight

it lives in the sharre deset

in warm continents such as Africa


a place in the great outdoors

lions live in warm contitinest such as africa


southern Africa and gir forest in India (approx 300 left)


If you mean wild lions, then Africa is the number one place they live in the wild. Now there is a small group of wild Asiatic lions in INDIA (they went extinct in other areas of India) but are restricted to a wildlife sanctuary in Gir Forest [related links]

all countries that have a zoo

lions are usually found in the wild.





Sahara Desert.

In several areas of South Africa and in the Masai Mara in Africa.

africa hot countries

Africa possibly

Apart from the zoo, most lions live in Africa.
lions live in afica with alot of animals and there lionesses and lion cubs people think that they live in astrallia but they dont so you can take that fact to the bank my dear children!!!!!
Lions are from Africa, South Africa, Namibia, and there used to be cape lions but they got killed.

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Lions live in parts of Africa and Asia.

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Where lions live in

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Q: Where do lions live?
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Where do the lions of the jungle live?

Lions don't live in jungles. Lions live in grasslands, savannahs.

Why do lions live in jungles?

Lions don't live in jungles. Lions live in grasslands, savannahs.

To what age do lions live?

In the wild lions only live to be about 14. When in captivity lions can live to be about 25.

Do all lions live in the jungle?

No lions live in jungles. Lions live on mostly open grasslands.

Do lions live in African jungles?

Lions don't live in jungles. Lions live in grasslands, savannahs.

Do lions live in the safari?

yes lions live in the safari

In what temperature do lions live?

What type of climate do lions live in? What type of climate do lions live in?

Do lions live in a group or do they live alone?

lions live in groups

In which rainforest do lions live?

Answer: Lions do not live in rainforests.

When did lions live?

lions live in dens or lairs

Do lions live in the savanna?

yes, lions live there.

Do lions live in woods?

Do lions live in woods

Do lions live in a zoo?

yes lions do live in a zoo

Do mountain lions live?

Of course, mountain lions live.

Do lions live on land or in water?

Lions live on land.

Where in South Africa do white lions live?

white lions can live in the wild but they can also live in zoo's. if white lions live in the wild they can be in dens they may live by the river or lakes, or they could live by the forest to catch prey.

Why do lions live in the desert?

Lions don't live in the desert, normally. They live on the savanna.

Why are Sea Lions called lions?

Sea lions are called sea lions because they dominate like lions and they live in the sea

Does lions live in bribes?

Lions live in groups called "Prides".

Were do white lions live?

White Lions live in Southern Africa.

Do lions live in the Serengeti of Africa?

Some lions live in Serengeti.

Do lions live in the mountains?

A.No the lions live on plains and savannas

Why do lions live in forests?

Lions do not live in the rain forest, you must have mistaken them for Tigers. Lions live in the wide open deserts of Africa.

Do some lions live in the jungle?

some lions live in a jungle but most live in a savannah

Lions live in dens where do penguins live?

Neither lions nor penguins live in dens.

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