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Where do most Mexicans immigrate?


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USA. I believe that you mean "migrate." Or "what country they migrate to." And yes, it is the USA, with Europe (all countries) a distant second. I am the same poster of the last post. I just checked in a website about Mexicans living abroad (other than Mexico): USA about fifteen million; rest of the world: not even half a million! I am surprised myself, and I am a Mexican. Well, surprised at the huge difference between the two.


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They immigrate because they wanted to find jobs to support their families.

Mexicans immigrate into the US because they are seeking new opportunities. It is a misconception that the US has a well enough job market to immigrate. Other reasons to immigrate are financial troubles or to escape gangs and the drug crisis.

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Professionals in search of better opportunities and better pay are the most likely to immigrate. Also, skilled laborers may immigrate.

because they wanted to restart their life. Also because of jobs they maybe had a family over there

The most dangerous way to immigrate to the USA would definitely have to be to immigrate illegally. Children and adults sometimes end up losing their lives in their efforts to reach American soil.

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