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First of all, it is dangerous to add refrigerants if you are not familiar with the operation of A/C systems. It can be dangerous to you - use eye protection and gloves - and it can hurt the vehicle - if you overcharge the system for example. FREON is actually the trade name for the older R12 REFRIGERANT. Most cars built after 1994 use R134A which is technically not FREON.

That said, if you find the A/C compressor and can look at the lines coming from it, the low pressure side of the system is usually the larger diameter line. Somewhere in the low side lines and hoses, there will be a service port, usually with a BLUE CAP instead of red. You can also try finding the A/C lines where they come out of the firewall (passenger compartment) and follow them to find the service port.

They can also put the service port on the ACCUMULATOR, which looks like a cylindrical cannister with steel or rubber reinforced lines coming out of it.

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Q: Where do you add freon on a 2000 Ford Expedition XLT?
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