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to a replacement plate in front of the spark plug

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โˆ™ 2008-10-19 18:15:50
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Q: Where do you connect the oil cooler on a 125cc Lifan engine?
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it depends on the brand...the standard horse power for a 125cc dirt bike engine a.k.a lifan is about 9hp it varies with all different modies but are still around the 9hp mark...hope that helps

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Lifan lf 250-4

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real depends on what your looking for if your looking for chain or sprokets you can use 1983 xl185 Honda parts if your looking for engine parts well you can get them on eBay but you will have to match them up the engine is made by lifan so you would be looking for parts for an ohc 200cc Chinese engine or lifan engine hope this helps I think the old xl185 parts will also work for body parts like gas tank and seat!!

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