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On the back of the Radio. On the connector there should be a tab that moves up and down. With the connector in the up position, Connect connector to back of radio and press down on the tab. By doing that, it should slide right in. Don't forget to plug in the antennae.

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Will the wallet key for your BMW 3series start the engine?


Can you connect a mp3 player to a BMW e46 car audio navigator 1?

does it have a headphone jack in the headunit/Radio if it does you can connect a mp3 and/or ipod to the stock radio.Ryan at Higher Limits .I have the install harness on my website in the install

Is the BMW 3series e36 rear wheel drive?

All BMW's have rear wheel drive. Except for those that have four wheel drive.

Will tire size 225 50 R16 fit E90 2006 BMW 325i?

i would imagine it would depend on the type of alloys the car has. there is alot of diffrent standard alloys fo the BMW 3series

Where is a BMW 325i radio amp located?

where the bmw radio amp located

How do you tell high from low beam bulb?

If anything like a BMW 3series twin headlight they are both the same single filament bulbsand thereflector/lens combination shapes the beam

How do you unlock radio code for 1994 BMW 318i?

I would like the radio code for my 94 BMW 318is thanks

Can you change the factory radio in the 745i BMW 2005?

Yes. It is possible to change the factory radio in the 745i BMW 2005.

Your radio is locked on your BMW?

It is not, but thanks for the concern.

Why your BMW radio code is not working?


How do you remove radio from BMW 530d 2002?

How do I remove radio from 2000 BMW 530D SE have found slotted screw behind on/off knob

How do you enter radio code BMW?

How do I get my BMW radio to work again!the radio has been locked up for about 2yrs! It's been waiting for code, now I have it now! How do get to work! How do I enter the code!

How do you get radio code for 1992 BMW 325i?

You have to contact BMW consumer hotline and give them the vin#

How do you reset the radio on a 1987 BMW 325is?

To reset the radio on your 1987 BMW 3225is hold down the on/off button. Once the radio blinks twice you can choose the first radio station that you want set. Follow this on the rest of the buttons and your radio will be fully reset.

BMW compact radio reset code?


How do you remove the radio in a BMW 1 series?

by pulling it

How do you bypass an amp in a BMW?

If you're installing an aftermarket head unit in your BMW, you can't connect it directly to the speaker wires, since BMWs come with an amplifier. You have two choices: 1. Purchase an adapter harness (such as the Metra 70-8591) 2. Locate the amp and cut the the wires, then wire speakers directly.

What are the steps for unlocking radio for BMW 318is 1994?

The anti theft code for the radio is available from a BMW dealership. You will need the VIN number from the car and the serial number from the radio. To get the serial number you will have to remove it from the dash.

What is the radio wiring diagram for a 90 BMW 535I?

Your local BMW dealer will have the diagrams for the radio wiring of the 1990 535i. They carry that kind of information and will likely share it with you.

Why does your 1995 BMW 740i radio comes on but has no sound?

Your wires are not connected from your radio to speakers probally

What is the code for the radio serial number T0330805 1996 BMW 318?

Call your local BMW dealership with that number.

How do you reset the radio in a 1992 BMW 525i?

In order to reset the radio in a 1992 BMW 525i, you will need a five digit code from the manufacturer. Once you receive the code, you can check your user manual for the correct sequence to reset the radio.

BMW 125i iPod instructions I just got a 2009 BMW 125i Coupe with USB connection when I connect my iPod songs appear on on the radio display but are no playlistsAnyone know anything about it?

You need to go to the BMW dealership and buy a USB adapter. This adapter has a USB and AUX input and a ipod adapter. This way you can control the ipod from your stereo and from the wheel.

Can you change a factory radio in 05 BMW 745 LI?


What if the code that you got for your BMW Z3 doesnt work on the radio what should you do or am you doing something wrong?

Call any BMW dealer with the serial number off the back of the radio and they can look up the radio code to verify you have the correct number.