Where do you download Halo Trainer?

Go to www.ancient-egt.net then find download and then click halo resources then look on the one that says halo trainer download it. When its download is completed first you open up the halo game but the (full version halo combat evolved game) When your at a level you minimize the halo game to do that you hold Shift+Tab than it minimize open up the halo trainer then you probaly have to wait for it to pop up when it does click the hacks you want to use. This are the hacks list. Deathless Player: That means you cant die. No hurt from falls: When u fall somewhere high you wont get hurt. Infinite Gernades: Can't waste them. Bump Possession: You can be someone else by going by them. Super Jump: You know that. Bottomes Clip: cant waste your bullets. and theses keys k and L can do some thing speacial. K can frezze the world except you and L is unfreeze. and theres more.