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Where do you find the fuel pressure regulator on a 1991 ford Explorer?


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On my 1995 4.0 L OHV engine , looking from the front , it is about 2 inches to the right of the oil fill cap - I don't know if yours is the same .


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Follow the rail line that runs to the injectors. You will find the pressure regulator.

The fuel pressure regulator is located on the fuel rail for the injectors. It should be right on top of the engine, and it will have a vacuum going to it. It is attached to the rail with two or three screws. Remember to relieve the fuel pressure first if you are planning on changing it.

Find out why it's running rich, fuel pressure regulator, air filter, etc....

it is above the altenater next to the fuel pressure regulator. it is above the altenater next to the fuel pressure regulator.

why can't i find a diagram of the fuel system for a 1991 ford explorer eddie baur

The pressure regulator is located under the upper intake manifold. Find your fuel lines entering the manifold (right behind where the air enters the manifold)...the pressure regulator is on the bottom side of that cluster*%$. You will need to remove the upper manifold to reach it and change the regulator.

The alternators used in these vehicles have an internal regulator. The alternator is serviced as a complete unit and cannot be overhauled. Inside the alternator.

You will find the fuel pressure regulator on the passenger side of the car just behind the valve cover. follow the fuel filter usually gold in color and the lines attached to it from the passenger inner fender wall to the regulator.

You will find the fuel pressure regulator under the upper intake manifold. The upper intake manifold will have to be removed to gain access. The regulator will be attached to the bank of injector poppets also known as the "spider".

Ford Explorer 1991-2001 Under hood, drivers side in firewall

Need to know the year, make, model and engine size to answer that one.

the fuel pump is located in the fuel tank

you will find the fuel port behind your power steering pump.

you have to take the top half of your air intake off not the whole thing and you'll see the regulator on the back of your engine beside your distributor

There is no reset for the oil pressure light. If you have sufficient oil pressure it is off, if you have low oil pressure it is on. If it is on, STOP driving the car until you find out why it is on.

Search this website you will find everything you want to know about the new GTO's www.Ls1GTO.com or www.Ls2GTO.com they are both the same site.

Keep in mind the #1 problem with these vehicles is fuel pumps. Most of the time the regulator is replaced needlessly.

I'd check the pressure pressure gauge and sender as well as the electrical connections and grounds. If you can't solve the problem that way, try an after-market oil pressure gauge, if for no other reason than to see if you really DO have an over-pressure condition. Note, if the oil pressure really is that high it's caused by a sticking regulator. You'll need to pull the pan and get into the regulator assembly to find why it's sticking.

The voltage regulator is inside the alternator.

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