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Visa in the type of Entry or Travel Visa document can be applied in the appropriate Embassy or Consulate offices around the world.

Visa in the type of Visa Credit Card can be applied with the appropriate banks that issue credit card under Visa.

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Q: Where do you get a visa?
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How I CAN found visa no in my visa?

my visa no found

Is there a way I can enter USA without student or Tourist visa?

Business visa, diplomatic visa, crewman visa, fiancee visa, spouse visa, family visa.

Types of visa?

there are four types of visa 1. immigrant visa 2. visitors visa 3. student visa 4. employers visa

Where is your visa number on your visa?

on the front of the visa card

What to do when your visa expires?

After visa is expires, you have to leave the country for which visa is expire Or you can apply in the embassy to renew the visa

How do you get a Singapore visa?

You need to apply for the visa if you want a Singapore visa and by the way for what reason it is required ? There are many types of visa passes like the tourist visa and the employment visa pass.

What are types of visas?

Details of Different Visas Employment Visa Business Visa Project Visa Entry/"X" Visa Tourist Visa If you want more information you can visa immigration consultants.

How do you say visa please in German?

visa please = Visa bitte

How can i apply for Italy visit visa and work visa?

To get a work visa you will need a work permit. When you get the work visa it will act as your entry visa to the country. So you will not need a separate visit visa.

Do you need visa to go to china?

Yes, you need, there are 4 kinds of China visas, which are Work Visa, Tourist Visa, Student Visa and business visa.

What does VISA stand for?

'Visa' is not an acronym.

If we goto dubai on work visa and the visa is expired can we get usa work visa from dubai?

No. You cannot get USA work visa from Dubai even though you have been in Dubai on work visa and the visa expired.

Where is the non immigrant visa number located at the visa?

Depends what visa and what country

How can you check your Bahrain visa via visa number?

how i can baharain visa cheak

How do you fiind your L1 visa number on a US Visa?

The L1 Visa number is located on the visa page that is usually stamped in the passport. The visa number may appear under control number on the visa page itself.

Is a Puerto Rico visa different from a US visa?

There is no such thing as a Puerto Rican visa. Puerto Rico is part of the United States and if a visa is needed by a visitor it will be a US visa.

How do you get a Canadian visa?

There are many categories to get a Canadian Visa It Can be Student Visa Vistor Visa Permanemt Immigration Work Permit etc....

Do an Indian passport holder with valid UK visa need Dubai visa?

Yes. A UK visa is not a valid Dubai visa

Credit cards numbers for visa?

how many numbers are on a visa card 16number of VISA

How do i extend my months visa in Thailand?

You need a visa expension tourist visa form.

Can you extend your visa?

Yes you can extend your visa

How can you your visa status?

what is marketing visa status

Where is A number in visa?

Depends what visa and what country

What is multiple visa?

How can i get a multiple visa in us

How you get a visa?

How to get a visa depends on what type of visa you wish to acquire:Family VisasStudent VisasWork VisasVisitor VisasGetting a visa from any country usually requires filling-up a visa application form.