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in place of the existing one,assuming it is equipped with one

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Q: Where do you put power steering pump on 1985 305?
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Install diagram for 87 el camino ac and power steering pump in a 350?

305 5.0 liter

Where in the engine of a 305 engine is the power steering tube?

The power steering is a separate system to the engine. The power steering system consists of a pump, bolted to the engine. A steering box, bolted to the vehicals frame and two hoses carrying fluid back and forth between the two. There is no power steering hose "in" the engine.

How soon do you need to replace a power steering pump?

possibly never, i have replaced a few for noises,most of the time the drivers have let them run dry and damages the pump but usually it is rare to replace a power steering pump,espacially on kia's. Chevy vans with 305 or 350 engines alot!

What are the names of the belts on a 1986 Chevy silverado 305?

A/C Belt Power steering belt. Alternator belt Air pump belt.

Need a diagram of how power steering brackets go on 1984 elcamino with a 305 ci?

how do ower steering brackets go on 1984 elcamino

What kind of gas would a mid 1985 stock Chevy 305 take?

any gas from pump available to public

What sends electricity to the fuel pump on a 1991 RS Camaro with a 305?

The computer grounds the fuel pump relay which in turn sends power to the fuel pump.

What is the pressure rating and rpms for power steering on a 1989 Chevy k1500 pickup 305?

1350-1450 @800rpms

Need picture of 85 Chevy c10 of AC n power steering brackets on 305 motor?


How do you replace the water pump on a 1986 Chevy Silverado 305 short block?

first take the fan clutch off by loosening the four nuts on the fan. Remove the fan pulley. You should be able to loosen the power steering pump bracket enough to get the right hand side of the pump out. Once the p.s. bracket is wiggled out of the way, it's four bolts and off she comes.

Your 1983 Chevy 454 engine has a loud squeaking noise and keeps ripping off the belt that goes on the alternator water pump and the air pump Can some one tell you What is causing it?

i had a similar problem on a 1990 Chevy 305 with a SERPENTINE BELT. I had replaced my power steering pump, when all was said and done it threw the belt off twice. the pwr steering pulley was mounted correctly THE SHAFT WAS WALKING OUT from the pump enough to cause a loud squeal then there goes the belt. I had a defective pump. i know C.I. is way smaller then mine but i hope this helps

Where do you add the power steering fluid in 305 engine?

There is a cap that turns about 1/4 turn to be removed on top of the P/S reservoir, which is attached to the P/S pump. Take it off and add fluid until it reaches the mark on the stick, which is part of the lid.

Will the intake from an 1985 Chevy 305 fit on a 1988 305?


Where is the netural safety switch on a 83 GM 305?

its in the steering column its in the steering column

What is the horse power of a 1979 1985 305 Chevy?

For a 305 with a 4brl carb. it would be about 145 hp. For a 305 tbi it produces 215hp from factory. No, a 305 TBI is rated at 185 HP stock.

Will a 1985 Chevy 305 intake work on a 1988 Chevy 305 intake?

intake manifold is DIFFERENT for models 1985 and 1988

Will a water pump from a 1987 caprice with an 305 work on a 91 caprice?

Yes it will, as long as you are swaping from a 305 to a 305.

How much horsepower would be in a 1985 Buick Regal which has a Chevy 305?

The 1985 Buick Regal did not offer the 305 V8 as an option that year.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch on a 1985 iroc camaro 305 high output?

there isn't one, the 305 high output is a carbureted engine and it has a mechanical fuel pump, no electricals involved, i know this cuz i own an 84 z28 H.O., the TPI, and multi port v6's engines had electronic fuel injection

How do you check the power steering fluid in a '91 Chevy caprice classic?

To check the power steering fluid on your 1991 Caprice remove the cap on the power steering pump fluid reservoir and check the level on the fluid level indicator. If the fluid is warm(about 170 degrees)the fluid level should be at the "Full Hot" mark. If the fluid is cool(about 70 degrees) the fluid level should be at the "Full Cold" mark.Always use the correct power steering fluid to avoid damage to the hoses and seals which will result in fluid leaks. It should be noted that the reservoir (pardon my spelling) is located under the alternator (On my '91 with the 305, that is) - So you can't do it while the car is running.....Kenny

How much power steering fluid to put in a 1980 305 Chevy motor?

The cap should have a dipstick attached to it with lines on it for hot & cold levels

What type of transmission fluid is used for a 1985 toronado 305 v8 motor?

Chevy made the 305, Oldsmobile made a 307v8 that was in the 1985 toronado. dextron fluid is what you want and if you have a leak it is probably pan gasket or maybe front pump seal on tranny-my front punp seal started leaking on my 1983 toronado at 300,000 miles with a 307

What is the tension supposed to be on a 1981 Chevy 305 Cu. In. power steering pump belt?

Tight to the point where if you push on it it feels hard to push down but you can get maybe a 1/16 inch of deflection. the belt will squeal if it's too loose and you may have to readjust after a couple of days as new belts tend to stretch.

Where is the power steering reservoir Chevrolet 305 engine?

Unless the motor has been modified the reservoir will be on the drivers (left) side of the engine compartment. It is attached to the front of the motor, behind the pump which has a pulley with a belt. The pump/reservoir assembly. are generally serviced as a unit. The pump assembly is roughly the size of a quart of oil. If you plan to service the pump/reservoir assembly keep in mind that you will need a few special tools. One is a pulley puller/installer that you can rent at your local parts store. The other are line wrenches.

What is the firing order for a 1985 305?