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there should be a reservoir powered by a belt with a cap in the front of the engine

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What kind of power steering fluid for 1996 Dodge Ram 2500?

A 1996 Ram uses regular power steering fluid of any brand.

Can I use tranny fluid in my power steering unit on a 1996 dodge intrepid?

Yes. You can use automatic transmission fluid in the power steering on a Dodge Intrepid.

What fluid is correct for 1996 Dodge Intrepid?

Engine - 5w30 Trans - Mopar ATF+4 Brake - DOT 3 Coolant - green Power steering - power steering fluid AC - R134a

1996 dodge ram 5.9 power steering pully removal?

1996 dodge ram 5.9 power steering pully removal?

Can power steering fluid be used in a 1996 Camry?

You can use whatever power steering fluid you like.

What kind of power steering fluid do you put for a 1996 Audi?

Answer;The power steering fluid I put for a 1996 Audi is; CHF 11S , From PENTOSIN ( Made in Germany )

Where do you put the power steering fluid in a 1996 Firebird?

where the power steering fluid box is on the drivers side of the engine for the v6

What type of power steering fluid does 1996 Toyota landcruiser need?

It is important to maintain the fluid levels of a car with the correct types of fluid. A person can use a universal power steering fluid for a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Can atf be used for power steering fluid in a 1996 Ford Ranger?

According to the 1996 Ford Ranger Owner Guide : Yes , Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used as the power steering fluid

Where do you add the steering fluid for power steering fluid on the e320 wagon?

Most of the E-class wagons have the hydraulic suspension systems for the rear level control. This fluid is also used as the power steering fluid in this car. The reservoir is on the front right side of the engine if looking in from the front of the car. Note, this takes hydraulic fluid though, and not power steering fluid. The part number for the fluid is: A 001-989-03-10. This is good for 1996 up to 2001. Its called Fuchs, Titan zh 5364 B. Hope this helps!

What type of power steering fluid to use in a 1996 Toyota Camry?

dex 3 automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for the power steering.

Where does the power steering fluid go in a 1996 infiniti i30?

It may seem strange, but, it goes in the power steering fluid reservoir. Enjoy!

How to change arack and pinion for 1996 dodge interped?

how to replace steering rack in 1993 dodge intireped

Where do you put power steering fluid in a 1996 Silverado?

in front of the engine, on the passenger side, you should have the power steering pump. Open the reservoir cover and fill with power steering fluid.

How do you add power steering fluid to a 1996 Buick Park Avenue?

It is important to maintain the fluid levels of a car. In this car, power steering fluid can be added directing to the power steering reservoir under the hood, labeled with a cap stamped with power steering.

What is causing the steering of a 1996 toyota camry to go stiff when turning?

The steering wheel in your 1996 may be hard to turn because you are low on power steering fluid. You can add some on your own and your steering wheel will not be hard to turn.

How do you get the horn to work on your 1996 Dodge Avenger?

I press my thumb firmly on the steering wheel...

What causes the power steering to go out on a 1996 tauraus?

your pump could be low on power steering fluid, your power steering belt could have came off if equiped with a separate belt and finally the pump could have failed from low fluid, or dirty fluid

What kind of brake fluid should a 1996 Dodge caravan use?

Brake fluid for the Caravan is labeled as a "DOT 3" fluid.

Where is the power steering fluid reservoir located on a 1996 Infiniti Q45?

where is the power steering locatd at in a 94 q 45 infinity

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