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You check it and add fluid at the same place. Look on the transmission for a dipstick.

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Q: Where do you put the transmission fluid and check it on a 1993 ford probe automatic?
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How do you check your transmission fluid on a 1989 Ford Probe?

how to check the fluid on a manual transmission for a 1989 ford probe gt

What type of automatic transmission fluid does 1991 ford probe require?

what type transmission fluid uses for a 1991 ford probe

Where do you add the transmission fluid in a 1993 Ford Probe?

Same place you check it.

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 1993 Ford Probe gt?

on an automatic trans through dipstick tube

Where do you find the transmission fluid pan on a 1994 Ford Probe?

If The Probe Is an automatic then your car has CD4E Tranny in it. The pan for these trannys are on the front side of the transmission. They are not underneath it. Hope this helps.

Where is Transmission fluid intake reservoir on 1991 Ford Probe P?

The 1991 Ford Probe does not have a transmission fluid intake reservoir. All of the transmission fluid is contained in the transmission.

How much transmission fluid does a 93 ford probe V6 take?

Manual =2.9 quarts. Automatic =9.3 quarts

Where do you put the transmission fluid and check it on a 1995 Ford Probe automatic?

You add the fluid in the same place you check it. Where that is, your owners manual will describe. Down below, behind the air filter. Little dipstick with black rubber handle. Need a funnel to fill. -CE

How much transmission fluid for a 1992 automatic Ford Probe?

The quantity of transmission oil is 9.6 liters. It is important that Mercon oil is used, not Dexron or any other type.

Why would a 1994 Ford Probe GT automatic not shift into third and only go about 40?

Check your tranny fluid. If it's full, you need to get your transmission checked. The screen could be dirty and need to be replaced, or the transmission itself could need to be repaired/replaced.

Where is the transmission dipstick for a 1993 Ford Probe 2 liter?

It is important to check and maintain the fluid levels while owning a car. The transmission dipstick of a 1993 Ford Probe is located behind the engine, to close to the firewall and it has a yellow cap.

Where do you put the transmission fluid for a 2001 VW Jetta?

It depends on if it is a manual or automatic transmission. For the manual transmission, there is a 17mm Allen plug in the side of it. Crawl under car and take the plug out. You can buy a fluid pump for about $20 at an autoparts store and the 17mm Allen wrench is about $10 at sears. It is pretty easy on the manual transmission, hardest part for me was finding the 17mm Allen wrench. Automatic transmission?? you cannot put the transmission fluid in by yourself you have to take it either to a V.W. dealer or someone who services these types of transmissions the fluid has to be pumped inif you notice there is no dipstick to check the fluid level that's because they use this probe the stick into your transmission to see how much fluid you have the probe costs about $1500 dollars expensiove yes keep in mind it will cost about $20 a quart the reason why I know this is because I am having problems with my transmission in my 2001 jetta if you have any more questions let me know.

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