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Where do you put water in the neon?

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You don't put water in a 2000+ neon

You don't put water in any car or truck.

You may put water in outboard engines only.

2010-03-12 21:31:05
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Q: Where do you put water in the neon?
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Where do you put commas in this sentence In the aquarium were water weed sunfish snails and a neon fish?

In the aquarium were water, weed, sunfish, snails, and a neon fish.

How do you make the keys on a computer neon?

Put neon on them

How does neon react with oxygen and water?

Neon does not react with oxygen and water.

Can you put goldfish in with neon tetra?

No, Gold fish are cold water fish, and if they are put in a tropical aquarium they could die or get sick.

Does neon react with water?

No. Neon does not react with anything.

What is the conductivity of neon?

neon is a water based object

Can a 1996 neon engine be put in a 2001 Neon?

No. It is not a direct fit.

How 2 put in a fog light for a 1989 neon?

There is no such thing as a 1989 Neon

Is neon used in glow sticks?

Scientists have extracted the element neon from space and made into a "liquid neon" which they sell to neon glow stick factories, which is then put into the neon glow sticks.

What is one slogan about neon element?

dont put up a fight neon is bright

Is neon reactive in water?

No, neon is a noble gas. All noble gases are very inert. Thus, neon does not react with water, or most substances for that matter.

Will neon sink or float in water?

neon is lighter, hence it will float

Is neon less or more dense than water?

Neon is an inert gas. It is less dense than water.

What happens to neon when water is added?

Under normal conditions of temperature, nothing happens; water and neon do not react.

Is neon a soluble element?

Neon is soluble in water. Neon is a gas that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. After helium, neon is the second lightest noble gas.

Can you purchase a 2000 dodge neon pcm and put it in a 2001 Plymouth neon?

No, the years have to match.

Can you attach a hitch to a 98' dodge neon?

Yes. You can put a hitch on a Dodge Neon.

Can you put a dodge neon srt-4 hood onto a 2002 neon sxt?


What is the water temperature for a neon tetra?

Neon tetras need around 78F to 82F.

Can neon float in room temperature water?

Neon is a gas, it floats very well in water, as do all gases. It bubbles to the top.

Can you put freon in a 2000 dodge neon?


Can you put a hitch on a 2002 dodge neon?


How do you light your car up in midnight club?

Go to neon/window tint and put neon on and choose your color

How much neon is found in water?

None. Neon is a Noble Gas. It's found in the atmosphere.

What temp of water does the neon tetra like?

Neon tetras are tropical water fish and they prefer to be in a water temperatures between 72 - 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to keep a steady temperature between 72 - 82 degrees Fahrenheit for best health as fluctuating temperatures can and will put additional stress on the fish. As a side note, be aware that neon tetras are a schooling fish and should be in groups of 5+ and should therefore be kept minimally in a 10 gallon aquarium (as they can get to 2" - 2.5" if you get jumbo neon tetra variety).