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The fuse block should be located to the left of the steering column, under the dash. Depending on which Mercury GS you have (sable, topaz, etc.) it should be a relay located in the fuse block.

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Q: Where do you replace the fuse for the horn on a 1991 Mercury GS?
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I have a 1991 Ford Escort every time that I press on the horn from the steering wheel it blow the fuse. How can I fix it.?

Check the Horn wiring and if this is good then replace the horn.

How do you fix horn in 1999 Plymouth breeze?

You have to replace the fuse for it You have to replace the fuse for it

How do you disconnect the horn in a 2005 mercury mountaineer?

The mountaineer has a fuse box under the drivers side dash ,and it has two horn fuses , right horn fuse ,and left horn fuse.

Your horn is not working how do you know if you need to replace the fuse or if you have to change the horn?

see if theres any current going through the fuse or just replace the whole horn

Where is the 1995 Mercury Sable horn fuse to check when the horn stops working?

The fuse for the horn of a 1995 Mercury Sable is located in the engine compartment fuse box. Fuses in the fuse box are labeled with numbers, the number direct what job they handle. The horn relay is in slot 12 and is rated at 20 amps.

Where is the horn fuse in a 2006 mercury mountaineer?

According to the 2006 Mercury Mountaineer owners manual : ( # 14 is a 20 amp fuse for the horn ) * in the fuse panel below the instrument panel on the drivers side *

How do you fix your horn?

if it is out check fuse if fuse is ok you will need to replace it.

Which fuse is the horn on a 1999 mercury villager?

Horns normally use a breaker, not a fuse.

How do you replace a horn in a 1998 Sable?

1999 mercury sable horn replacement

Where is the horn fuse in a 2001 mercury mountaineer?

In a 2001 Mercury Mountaineer : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment , on the drivers side of the engine compartment : ( mini fuse # 10 is a blue color 15 amp fuse for the horn relay and the horn relay is relay # 7 )

What should you do to fix the horn on your 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?

replace it.

What would cause the horn to not work on a 1992 Mazda B2200?

Fuse? check your fuse box for the fuse indicated "horn" remove and replace if neccessary. if fuse is not the problem, check wiring to horn under the hood in the engine compartment.

Horn on 2007 jeep compass doesn't work?

On a jeep that new i would check the fuse panel and repace the fuse for the horn. The horn shouldn't be defective but if the fuse doesn't solve the problem, have dealer replace horn under warranty.

How do you fix the horn on a 1997 Acura Integra?

The horn on a 1997 Acura Integra uses one wire. When a horn stops working it is usually due to a bad fuse. To fix the horn replace the fuse labeled HORN.

What is the number of the fuse for a horn on a 1991 buick park avenue?


Where is the fuse box located on a 1991 cadillac el dorado to change the fuse for the horn?

in gloves box

How do you replace horn relay for 03 alero?

pulls out like a fuse

How do you find out if your horn fuses needs to be changed in your 2001 Mercury Mountineer?

It's fairly simple to find out if your horn fuses need replacing on our 2001 Mercury Mountaineer. If the fuse is blown, the horn will no longer sound.

Is there a fuse problem or what with the 1991 Plymouth Voyager horn when the relay clicks but horn does not sound?

It is important to know what is causing problems in a car. When the horn relay clicks, but the horn does not sound, it is not a fuse but more likely to be the cars clock spring.

Where is the fuse for the horn in the 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier?

its in the fuse box under the dash, it controls the horn, the interior light and the glove compartment box. test them all to find it.

Where is the horn relay on a 1997 mercury tracer?

The fuse for the horn is under the driver side dash right next to the brake pedal.

Which is the fuse for the horn in a 1998 mercury mystique?

Fuse number 12 in the power distribution box in the engine compartment. I believe it is a 15 amp fuse.

1991 Ford Escort - horn not working - can hear relay click under dash when press horn buttons on steering wheel - no horn fuse listed in fuse block under dash. Which fuse would horn go through Thanks?

If you can hear the relay click, it's not a fuse. It's either the circuit to the horn or the horn itself.

How do you disarm a stock alarm on a 1997 Cougar if it is connected to the ignition-horn?

You can disarm your 1997 Mercury Cougar alarm system by removing the alarm system fuse. The alarm system fuse can be found in the fuse box.

What fuse do you need to replace on a 2004 Chevy Malibu for the horn?

# 8 15 A