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A buyer signs on the dotted lines located at the bottom of the contract. The line will say that your hereby promise to abide by the rules of the said contract.

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Q: Where do you sign on a car purchase order?
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What is the legal age to purchase a car without a parents consent?

You must be 18 to sign a contract to purchase a car.

What is the legal age to buy a car in Nebraska?

The legal age to sign a contract or purchase a car in Nebraska is 19. You can buy a car at a younger age if your parents sign the contract.

Will a car dealers accept your learner's permit get a car?

No, and No. Normally you are under 18 to have that, and at that age you cannot sign the contract to purchase the car legally. And, most states will not allow a car purchase by someone with a permit.

Can you send an anonymous money order to a friend?

Someone must purchase and sign the money order. You could have someone that the friend does not know purchase and sign it so they won't know it was you. You could also purchase a treasurer's check from the bank, which a banker will sign. Ask first if the purchaser will be listed on the check.

If you co-sign for a car can you purchase another car for yourself?

It all depends on your credit score. You would have to be able to qualify for both the co-signed car and the one you want to purchase for yourself.

Can you get out of a contract to purchase a new car if you have signed the documents but have not taken delivery of the vehicle?

No, once you sign the purchase agreement you are legally bound by that.

When does a verbal agreement to purchase a car become a contract?

If it's from a car lot - they will give you papers to sign. When you sign it becomes a contract. Buying from a regular person - you give them some money and they give you the car keys.

Where to purchase a car charger?

Need to purchase a car charger. well my suggestion is Amazon they have great prices and if you sign up for Prime you get 2 day free shipping. If you can not find a car charger at amazon try EBay.

Can you purchase saga car insurance online?

Yes, you can definitely purchase sage insurance online. It is really easy, you just have to fill online personal informations, car informations, and you are automatically sign up with saga car insurance.

Where can someone purchase a car CD radio?

Best Buy is one store that someone can visit in order to purchase a car CD radio. Overstock's website, eBay's website, and Amazon's website are three online sites that one can visit also in order to purchase a car CD radio.

Where can one purchase car windshields?

There are a number of places where one can purchase windshields. Any local car specialist, general car stores, mail order companies, Amazon, and eBay.

What can you do if you signed for the car but you did not collect it now you no longer need it?

Nothing you can do except take the car. Once you sign the purchase contract you are legally bound to purchase the car. You can ask the seller to let you out of the contract and they may or may not. You better ask very nicely.

How old do you have to be to get car insurance?

In order to legally sign a contract, you must be 18.

How do you purchase a car at a car auction?

In order to purchase a car at an auction you will simply have to be the highest bidder like any regular auction though the bids for these cars may usually go quite high.

How does one purchase an extended auto warranty for a new car?

One may purchase an extended auto warranty for a new car at the time of purchase. Actually, this is only time some manufacturers allow for the purchase of this. The salesman will ask the buyer when filling out the forms if they wish to have it and then buyer will sign the document.

In the state of Texas if there are two names on a car title do both parties have to sign it in order to sell the car?

From what I've read (I have the same situation) if there is an "AND/OR" on the title, only one needs to sign. If there is no "and/or" both need to sign.

What happens if you do return a car after purchase?

If you try to return a car that the dealer does not agree to take back you may indirectly enter into a voluntary reposition. Be careful this is when you better read everything before you sign and get copies of everything you do sign.

What paperwork is required to donate your car to charity?

Paperwork that must be done in order to donate your car to charity is that you have sign a contract, agree to the terms of service, and sign papers saying that you are giving this car away to someone.

Where and how could someone search for information in order to purchase a car?

One word, Google.

Where can I find a manual for car repair?

You can purchase a detailed manual for your car from a book store or auto supply store. If they do not have one in stock they can order it for you. You could also purchase one from a dealership.

If you paid down on new car and dont have car can you get your money back?

If you did not sign anything, yes. If you have signed some papers, depending on what they are, probably not. If you have signed the agreement to purchase, possibly. Ask the selling dealer to let you out of the agreement to purchase.

Ex will not sign title to car you used for a trade the title is in both your names this is a straw purchase but can you do?

It depends on how the title is worded. If both names are on it as "or", for example, john smith or jean smith, you do not have to have his signature to sell it. If it is john smith "and" jean smith, both are required to sign it in order to sell it.

Where can one purchase an Austin Healey car?

One can purchase an Austin Healey car at various different locations. In order to find one, it is important that one visits a dealership to inquire about one.

Do i need a drivers license in Texas to buy a car?

A driver's license is not required to purchase a car in the state of Texas. A license is required in order to drive the car.

Is there a car buyer's remorse law in Maryland?

No, there is no buyer's remorse law on the purchase of any new car in any state. Once you buy the car it is yours, and it becomes a used car the moment you sign the contract and drive away. Some states may have such a law on the purchase of a used car, such as the California law, but not on a new car. There is however a lemon law in your state.