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== == Contact your state tax commission or secretary of state to get a dealer license

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Q: Where does one apply for dealer license?
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How can you apply for a wholesale dealer license for used cars in Alabama?

Contact the Alabama Department of Revenue. They handle dealer license.

How do you get a driving license?

Apply for one.

How do you apply for license?

How can I apply liquor license

How do you get a piercing license in California?

apply for one

How do you get firearm suppressors?

You buy them from a gun dealer. In the US, that is a dealer with a special license. You would need to apply to the BATFE for transfer of the suppressor to you, and pay a $200 transfer tax.

How do you get a car dealer and broker license in new york?

How do you get a car dealer and broker license in pa?

How can one get a to license as a money changer in India?

Apply to RBI?

What do you need to do to obtain an independent dealer License in Florida?

What do you need to do to obtain a Independent dealer License in Florida?

Do you need a lot to obtain a dealer license?

In the state of Tennessee you need a lot that has a zoning for a Dealer License.

How do you get a used car dealer license in Virginia?

Apply. Contact NIADA - National Independant Auto Dealers Association. Y-THINK-Y

What about a dealer license can a felon own one?

it seems suspicious that you would ask...

How do you apply gold bullion license?

how to apply gold & silver bullion license

Can a dealer sell a car to someone in California with an expired drivers license?

Yes, a dealer can sell a car to someone with an expired license. A dealer can sell a car to someone who doesn't have a license at all.

Can you get your drivers license early in Mississippi?

You can apply for an LP license as early as age 15. To apply, visit your local driver's ... You can apply for a replacement license at your local driver's license office.

What kind of license would I need to be a car dealer in Seattle?

Washington's Department of Licensing (DOL) requires you to get a Car Dealer license if you sell more than 4 vehicles, registered to you, in a one year period. The fee for a dealer license in Washington is $750, with a $250 annual renewal fee.

If you lose your Florida driver license and need replacement license where do you apply for it?

If you lose your Florida driver license and need a replacement license, where do you apply for it?

If your license is about to be suspended will another state see that if you apply for one there?


How do you get your car dealers license in Minnesota?

How can I get dealer license in Toronto?

Are silencers illegal in texas?

Silencers can only be obtained with an ATF class III license, your local dealer should have the papers for this and there is a $200 fee to apply.

Where do you print out a tempory license plate?

You cannot print our your own temporary license plate. You must acquire one from a dealer or the DMV.

Where apply for petrol pump license?

It depends on the country where you should apply for a petrol pump license (or if you even need one). A good place to start would be the local council.

I have a car dealer license in Kansas. Do I need a separate used boat dealer license?

Contact your local DMV for your answer.

What car dealer license will get you into a dealer auction?

From my point of view I think no!!

How can one get a private number plate in the UK?

There are two ways to get such a license plate in the United Kingdom. One way is to apply for a license in person at your local DMV. Alternatively, one can also apply online at the official website for the UK DMV.

How do you get dealer license in fl?

it is 50$