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right now it occurs in the survivors and to some degree in the surviving perpetrators.

This of course depends uopn your definition of the Holocaust, if you believe that it stopped with the surrender of Nazi Germany and that anyone who died the next day did not die because of the Holocaust, then you would say that it does not occur anymore, but if you believe that it is still occuring until the last Survivor dies, then it is occuring where they are.

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What was the holocaust and why did it occur?

the holocaust was when the germans killed the jewish

Did other genocide occur after the holocaust?

Yes, there have been multiple genocides after the Holocaust.

What are claims of the Holocaust deniers?

The Holocaust deniers claim either that the Holocaust is exaggerated or that it did not occur at all. See link below.

During what war did the Holocaust occur?

The holocaust took place in Europe in World War 2.

Could a repeat of the Holocaust occur?

It is occurring in Africa.

Why did people le the holocaust occur?

because it did not affect them.

Did the Nanking Massacre occur before or after the Holocaust?

It occurred in 1937, which means it took place before the Holocaust.

How does prejudice relate to the Holocaust?

Prejudice was a factor that led to the conditions that allowed the Holocaust to occur. Jews faced prejudice in most countries at the time of the Holocaust. But it would be other factors that were in Nazi Germany that led to the Holocaust.

Why did the Jews and the holocaust happen?

Jews have been around for thousands of years. The reasons for the Holocaust are many, it was a culmination of political, social, religious and martial circumstances that led to the environment that allowed the Holocaust to occur.

In which countries or regions did the Holocaust primarily occur?

The biggest extermination camps were in Poland.

Where the Armenian Holocaust occur?

In Eastern Anatolia, in Syria and in the major cities of the Ottoman Empire.

How do human rights tie into the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is an example of extreme violation of human rights. Human rights laws strive to ensure that such a situation will never occur again.

Can a Holocaust occur again?

Technically, yes. But with the technology and armies countries have today it would end really quickly. Plus people would rebel more than they did in the original Holocaust.

Why do you think people allowed the Holocaust to occur?

Fear. Even though the victims outnumbered the aggressors, they were scared.

What do you think people allowed the Holocaust to occur?

Fear. Even though the victims outnumbered the aggressors, they were scared.

When did the African Holocaust occur?

The African Holocaust refers to atrocities against the African people throughout history. It begins with the Arab slave trade of 650 and still continues today in parts of the world.

Did other genocides occur later in history after holocaust?

Yes. Pol Pot's Massacres in Cambodia, the Conflict in Darfur, the Rwandan Genocide, and many others occurred after the Holocaust ended in 1945. However, the Armenian Genocide and several other genocides occurred before the Holocaust.

Was the movie schindlers list accurate to the actually Holocaust?

Yes, the movie Schindler's list includes many actual events that occured during the holocaust. It is based mostly on Oskar Schindler and his humanity, but it does touch on things that actually did occur during the holocaust. There are a few historical inaccuracies in the movie but in general it is a good source of information about the holocaust and its included events.

What was the date of the Jews Holocaust?

there is no 'jews holocaust' look for the dates of the Holocaust

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