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Where does the Tiger shark live in the ocean?

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the tiger shark lives all over the salt water.

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In what region does the tiger shark live?

The ocean

What does a tiger shark do for shelter?

Shelter from what? They live in the ocean and have no predators.

A tiger shark type of home?

the type of home tiger sharks live in is the bottom of the ocean.

What are some sharks that live in the ocean?

goblin shark,great white shark,tiger shark,cookie-cutter shark,and the whale shark

What types of sharks live in the Pacific Ocean?

There are many types of sharks that live in the Pacific Ocean. Some of these types include the Great White, the Tiger shark, the Dusky shark, the Blue shark, the Gray Reef shark, and the Blacktip shark.

What is the tiger shark niche?


Where was the first tiger shark found?

In the ocean

Does a tiger shark eat an octopus?

Yes. The tiger shark can eat almost anything that lives in the ocean, and is smaller than the tiger shark is, and it can certainly eat an octopus.

How does a tiger shark live?

well tiger sharks live in water

What are some omnivores that live in the Atlantic ocean?

Blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) Tiger shark (Galeocerdo curvier)

Who would win tiger shark vs great white?

great white shark

Where does a tiger shark normally live?

in water in the ocean specifically Tropical and temperate locations such as around islands in the central pacific

What ocean does the thresher shark live in?

They live in the Atlantic ocean

Which continent does an tiger shark live in?

Sharks, tiger or otherwise, do not live on continents, they live in the ocean. The tiger shark's habitat is usually close to coastal areas in tropical and sub-tropical waters.See the related link below for a map showing the range of tiger sharks.

Where does a shark in the ocean live?

Atlantic ocean

How deep does the Tiger Shark live in water?

Tiger sharks tend to stay in the deeper waters of the ocean. Usually they stay at around 1,000 feet below the surface.

What about shark?

shark is predators animal and live in ocean

Where do shark live?

in the ocean

Where does it live shark?

In the ocean

Where does the shark live?

The ocean.

Does a tiger shark live alone?


Does the tiger shark live with other sharks?

no they do not

What water does tiger shark live in?


Where do shark live in the ocean?

im guessing in the ocean

What ocean does a nurse shark live in?

pacific ocean and atlantic ocean

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