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on the 3.8 from underneath the car follow the speedo cable from steering coluumn area across the the transmission you can feel the cable and the vss sensor you can't see it. the exhaust pipes restrict acess but it is possible to remove without exhaust removal jack up vehicle remove drivers tire. it really helps if you have someone to help at this point you need a 10 mm swivel socket several 1/4 extensions about 20 to 30 " of extensions. 1 person holds the ratchet from the wheel well while other person guides socket to the retain bolt and tries to hold socket on bolt while helper turns ratchet this will remove the vss pull wire cable and sensor back in thr direction of the cable. the speedo cable is a 2 piece unit the lower half can be removed . once vss sensor is out disconnect wire and cable. I haven't ever been into the dash areas so I can't help you on that end. Doing the lower end can be very difficult good tools small hands and mechanical ability is a plus the speedo cable connects into the vss which enters transmission it has a gear on end which is driven. it all pulls out once the 10mm bolt is removed 3/8 ratchet and extensions may also work

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Windstar won't shift out of first when cold?

Check or change transmission fluid and filter

How do you change the speedometer cable on a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?

There is no Cable it is a speed sensor on the transmission

How do you change a speedometer cable on 400 small block engine?

? The speedometer cable attaches to the transmission, not the engine. Please try again with more info.

What part do you change on a 1995 dodge ram 1500 transmission to fix the speedometer?

the speed sensor.

What part on your transmission do you need to change to make your speedometer work?

you will need to change out the speedometer cable or if your lucky its just loose and fell off the back of the dash depending on the car make and model

How do you change the speedometer cable on a 1990 Toyota truck?

To change the speedometer cable on a 1990 Toyota truck, disconnect the cable, feeding it through the grommet, then disconnect it from the transmission. The process can then be reversed with the new cable.

How do you change the speedometer sensor on a 1990 Honda Prelude SI?

The speedometer sensor is located on the top of the transmission. It is held on by one bolt. Remove the bolt and gently pull and turn the speedometer sensor and the whole assembly will come out of your transmission. is that on a manual or auto tranny? or is it in the same place for both?

Where is the speed sensor located at on the transmission ford windstar 98?

on the top of the transmission it is very hard to get to i just got mine changed at a shop and i watched the guy change it.

What would cause a 1991 Mazda Protege to have a blinking hold light and a non-functional speedometer?

The speedometer cable (which runs from the transmission to the dashboard) has snapped. This is a two-piece cable, and the one-piece cable in later Proteges will not work. I had the transmission replaced, and the cable could never be fit in properly. This is a mechanical speedometer, so you would have to change the entire speedometer part of the instrument panel to use a magnetic/electronic speedometer.

How do you change the transmission oil pan on a 1996 ford windstar?

Since you have to drop the pan in order to change the filter, follow the instructions in the "Related Question" below...

Can you change Yamaha fazer speedometer with r15 speedometer?


How do you check transmission fluid on a 2004 Chevy Malibu?

Alot of newer cars have a red cap on top of the transmission and you have to pull the speedometer on the transmission ( not a due it yourself check if you have a cap on top of your transmission refer to a repair shop or local oil change store.

How do you change the speedometer cable 2002 Subaru Forester?

There is no speedometer cable to change. Subaru, like all modern cars, has an electronic speedometer. --Ken

How do you change speedometer for 1986 mr2?

how to fix speedometer for Toyota mr2

Is it necessary to change transmission oil on a windstar?

Yes, yes and yes!!!The number one reason for people to have to spend $1600-2000 for a rebuilt transmission is:Failure to change the transmission fluid!The Ford maintenance schedule specifies a 30,000 mile interval for fluid / filter changes.Did I mention it's a good thing to change your transmission fluid?See "Related Questions" below for more

Theres no first or reverse in ford windstar axod metric transmission even after filter and fluid change?

Customer had a similar problem with a 99 Windstar. Stopped pulling while driving it. Had it towed to me and I replaced the torque convertor. Problem fixed.

How do you change transmissions in the 1995 ford Windstar?

how do you change a shaft soleniod in a ford windstar 1995 v6 3.8 engin

Why doesnt my speedometer in a 92 jeep Cherokee workbut the odometer does. I have replaced the sensor.?

you need to change the speedometer cause if your odometer is counting then speedometer should be working too. make sure your speed gear its working its in the side of the transmission The odometer and speedometer read off of the same signal. If one works, the signal is ok and the other gauge is bad.

Does a change in rim or tire size change the speedometer accuracy?

If the outside diameter changes, then the speedometer will change

How do you change the speedometer sendor on 1993 Chevrolet truck?

Unplug the wiring connector, Remove the 10mm bolt and bracket. Now pull the senser out of the transmission. That's it.

Will the change in tire size effect the speedometer?

if the diameter will be greater or less then the speedometer will be effected

How do you change a speedometer on a 1993 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

did you check the speedometer gear in the tranny?

Check the manual transaxle fluid in 95 ford escort?

1) Locate the speedometer cable attachment to the transaxle (just behind the intake manifold on the drivers side USA models) 2) Disconnect the electrical connector form the speed sensor 3) Remove the screw and retaining clip from the speedometer cable (completely move them out of the way so they do not fall into the transmission) 4) Remove the speedometer cable 5) Fluid should be between the top and bottom of the speedometer cable gear 6) Fill as needed 7) Check o ring on the speedometer gear housing replace it if it is damaged 8) Re-install the speedometer cable assembly, retainer, bolt, and electrical connector Remember the Escort uses automatic transmission fluid in the manual transmission for the 1991 - 2000 models' If you want to change the fluid Drain the fluid (drain plug on the bottom of the transmission) Re-install the drain plug. Remove the speedometer as stated above Add 2.9 quarts of Mercon ATF to the transmission Re-install Speedometer cable

How do i change a 1995 sportster speedometer from stock to 5in softail number 67033-99a?

I don't think Harley has a retro fit kit to do the change, also the speedometer might not be calibrated for the XL, this speedometer runs off a speed sensor on the transmission and is sensitive. This speedometer can only be used on the FXDWG ('95-'98) Softails ('96-'98) FLHR/I ('95-'98) using retro fit Harley Davidson Part # 67418-99. Hope this helps......

What is the life expectancy of a 1998 ford windstar?

I have a 2000 with over 180000 miles, and it works fine. 3.8 liter. Original fuel pump! Oil change every 5000 miles. Transmission oil change per factory recommendation. The 1998 Windstars tend to have transmission problems.