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There are a number of theories . One had it was some ancient word meaning pure, the original language having been forgotten. more likely is a shortened form of The word Renunciant, as they have renounced worldly existence. Over the course of time, Ratehr like Traction engine being condensed to Tractor, Renunciant was clipped to Nun. Also possibyto avoid confusion with nuncios, who are in effect Vatican ambassadors and usually middle-ranking(Bishop and above) clergy./ Religous or Female religious is a catch-all term for usually uniformed (Habited) women in the religious life, there are also in-house rnaks usch as postulant, professed and for the higher-ups mother superior, abbess, etc. spme of the German speaking countries had actual members of the nobility who wee in effect Princess-Abbesses, such as Austria Th is is one beiieves obsolete but held on in Austria well into the past century. of course some society Dames could conceivabley take the veil as a possible tax Dodge, but that is another matter. By the way the infamous Mayerling lodge ( hunting lodge ofThe Austrian monarchy) ws converted to an augustinian convent and still is a Religous house of sorts! froma crime scene to a convent. odd (REHAB).

Another answer:The word "nun" comes from the Latin nonna - a term of endearment for a grandmother. It is directly related to the English Nana.
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Q: Where does the word nun come from?
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What is the opposite word of monk?

female monk

Where does the term nun come from?

The word "nun" is from Old English, and before that, Late Latin. It was once a term of address to elderly persons. Please see the related link below.

What is palindrome of a member of a religious order of woman?

nun is basic word for the use of describing a female member of a certain religion

What does the Yiddish word nun mean in English?

The nun is a letter from the Hebrew alphabet - there's also a final nun, which always appears at the end of a Hebrew word.

What is the origins of the word nun buoy?

A nun buoy, black, conical with a rounded top, resembles a nun wearing a black habit, as seen from behind.

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What do the letters nun in Catholic Religion stand for?

Nun is a word, not an acronym. It means a woman who has consecrated her life to God.

How do you use the word nun in a sentence?

a teacher walked up to a nun and said'take down your hoodie no hoodies in school'

What is the origin of nun?

It is from ecclesiastical Latin 'nonna' meaning 'nun' being the feminine form of the word 'nonnus' meaning monk. Adapted into old French as 'nonne' and English as 'nun'

Is the word nun capitalized?

No. It's not necessary.

What is the opposite gender of the word nun?


How do you write nun-samech in Hebrew?

nun = נ (final nun = ן) samech = ס together it looks like this: נס (which spells the word for "miracle")

What is the feminine gender of friar?

this was not useful

What is the Hebrew word for nun?

nezirah (נזירה)

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What is a seven-word religious palindrome?

Ma is a nun as I am

What is the meaning of the root word nun?

it means fish

What is another word for a nun in a high position?

Mother Superior

Opposite gender of monk?

the opposite gender of monk is.......NUN

What does the word Nun mean in the Bible?

The Bible refers to the legendary leader, Joshua, as the son of Nun. So, here 'Nun' is simply a man's name. In the ancient Egyptian religion, Nun was the primordal god and father of the sun god. There is some biblical evidence that Joshua was thought of as a sun god before his story evolved into that of a Hebrew hero, so "Joshua, son of Nun" could be the Hebrew equivalent of Ra, son of Nun.

How is the nun not really a nun?

When it is not a nun it isn't a nun

What is the opposite gender of nun?

Depending on the type and order of a nun, the opposite could be monk or priest.

What is une religie use?

Une religieuse (all one word) is a nun.