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Life it ubiquitous on and in the Earth. Earth has been terraformed by the biosphere.

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Q: Where has life been found on earth found?
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Where have Scientists discovered that life forms on Earth exist?

Life has been found just about anywhere on Earth.

Life has been found on which planet or planets in the solar system?

The only place life has been found is Earth. (So far!)

Has life been found on titan?

No. Earth remains the only place known to have life.

Did mars used to have life?

No, as far as we know. But bacteria has been found, it could have been from earth though.

Is there any planet that can support life besides earth?

There has not been any found yet.

Where has life been found on earth that suggests life forms may not need the goldilocks conditions?

Europa and Mars

Have any aliens been found?

There has never been a confirmed encounter with extraterrestrial life on earth. Except in the movies!

Is there life on the planet Saturn?

Till today, there have been no reports of life found on other planets other than Earth.

Where has life been found on Earth that suggests life forms may not always need the Goldilocks conditions?

Europa and Mars

How can an alien die?

There have been no signs of an alien life form found on planet earth yet.

Is there any life on any other planet besides Mars and Earth?

We have only been able to closely observe the planets in our own solar system, and no life has been found on planets other than the Earth. Most scientists would agree that there almost certainly is life on other planets which orbit other stars than our own, but we have not been able to confirm that hypothesis as yet.Note: although there have been news reports that Mars has been found to have chemicals which would be conducive to the formation of life, that does not mean that life has actually been found on Mars, or that fossil evidence has been found that life used to exist on Mars. So far, we have found no life on Mars.

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