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Discounting covert ops (which were everywhere) US conventional invasion forces from 01 May thru June 1970 covered the Cambodian sectors east of the Mekong River, an area known on the maps as the "Parrots Beak" , and up through the town of Mimot. Officially US forces were to penetrate 21 miles and campaign only 60 days. Parrots Beak (or Peak) is bordered by the RVN city (and US basecamp) of Tay Ninh, and the lower half is due west of Saigon.

See "INTO Cambodia" By K. W. Nolan.

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Q: Where in cambodia were us troops during the vietnam war?
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Where were American troops fighting in 1970 during the Vietnam war?

Vietnam and Cambodia

How was Cambodia involved in the Vietnam War?

Cambodia was being invaded by both American and japenesse troops during their battles.

How did Cambodia get famous?

During the Vietnam War, the war spilled over to Cambodia.

When did France arrive in Cambodia during the Vietnam War?

During the poopy war.

Where Burma Laos China Cambodia allies to the US during the Vietnam War?

Nationalist China was an ally but did not send troops. The others were neutral.

Are there forests in Cambodia?

There are large tracts of forest in Cambodia, despite the deforestation campaigns waged on Cambodia during the American(vietnam)war. During the Vietnam War, there were many forests in Cambodia, Laos and South Vietnam. Only Airmen can report on forests for North Vietnam (they're the only ones that got to observe them).

In 1975 Cambodia invaded and conquered South Vietnam?

Cambodia was officially neutral during the war.

What did Kent State University students protest during the Vietnam War?

Nixon sent US troops into Cambodia on 01 May '70; they were protesting that.

Why did the U.S. bomb Cambodia during the Vietnam war?

The US bombed Cambodia because Nixon claimed that there were Vietcong and Vietminh troops there. It was also bombed because of its close proximity to South Vietnam, and it was believed that it could be used to supply the enemy.

What other country did the US bomb during the Vietnam War?


What was Nixon's secret plan during the Vietnam War?

Perform secret bombings in Cambodia Have the South Vietnamese do the bulk of the fighting Withdraw troops through Vietnamization

What did American troops use during vietnam war to kill plant life?

During the Vietnam War, the United States military deployed the "Rainbow Herbicides" in Vietnam, and parts of Cambodia and Laos in an effort to deprive the NVA and Viet Cong of cover. The most prolific of these was Agent Orange.

What is the difference between Cambodia and Laos during the war in Vietnam?

They were both separate neutral nations during the war.

How did the Philippines help Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

The Philippines sent support troops to Vietnam.

Where did the US and Combat troops in Vietnam?

Cambodia @ Laos at least 101st abn considered a war zone curhee

When did England become involved in the Vietnam War?

Great Britain did not send troops to Vietnam during the war.

What are the physical social and polictical changes that have occurred in Cabramatta during and after the Vietnam war?

Cambodia was officially neutral during the war.

How many troops died in Vietnam war?

It is estimated that a total 1.475 million military troops were killed were killed during the Vietnam War. This accounts for about half of the total casualties known during the war.

Was Cambodia involved in the Vietnam War and if so what side of the war was it on?

Cambodia was neutral.

Who ruled cambodia during Vietnam War?

Prince Shihanok ruled Cambodia during the initial of Vietnam War. Because he allowed North Vietnamese to use Cambodian road as transportation, the US helped Lon Nol to overthrow Prince Shikanok and became the prime minister of Cambodia.

What two neutral countries did Nixon bomb during the Vietnam war?

Laos and Cambodia.

What countries did US fought against in Vietnam War?

French No -- the US did not fight agains the French in the Vietnam war. The primary antagonist was North Vietnam, but troops and irregulars from Laos, Cambodia and China were all invovled.

What American president invaded Cambodia but eventually ordered the withdrawal of American troops out of Vietnam ending the war?

Richard Nixon

What triggered protest at Kent State?

When the US declared to invade Cambodia during the Vietnam War. They were afraid that the US was going to jump into another war, the way they did during Vietnam.

During the Vietnam war when the all American troops leave Vietnam?

30 April 1975