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After learning that our Ford dealer would charge us $40 to tell us the factory unlock code, I looked on the computer module. The code sticker is NOT on the front of the module. However, I was able to locate it on the back. Here's how:

Remove the three hex head screws under the front edge of the panel below the steering column. One of the screws is behind the hood release lever. The panel is also attached with clips at the top edge; just pop these out.

The computer module is the same black box that has the fuses -- it says "pull" on the front where you can take the lid off to change fuses. The factory keypad code sticker on our car is on the BACK of the box, near the left side. Tos see it, I had to partially remove the box.

It's not necessary to unplug any of the cables from the box, but you need to remove the three nuts that secure the box. They are 10mm nuts, & you'll need a deep socket. One nut is at the bottom, one at the top near the upper right corner, and one on the left near the top. That last one is the least accessible, but it's not too difficult.

Get the nuts off, pull the box forwards until you can reach behind it with a small hand mirror to read the code. It's a 5-digit number & should be obvious. The numbers will be backward (in the mirror) and possibly upside down, so note carefully. I had a hard time figuring out whether one digit was a 6 or a 9, so I just tried it both ways, also forwards and backwards, until one of the combinations worked.

Then just replace the nuts & the dash panel, & use the factory code to reprogram the keyless entry code as explained in the manual. Be sure to write down the factory code somewhere safe.

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Q: Where is 2005 ford freestyle computer module located?
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