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Bank 1 is the passenger side of your 4.0 liter V6 in a 1998 Ford Ranger


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A brake calliper for a 1986 Ford Ranger would be likely to cost between $20 and $40, depending on where you source it.

A replacement part for a 2002 Ford Ranger oil pan gasket will cost a price close to $40. The part can be purchased from a auto parts store.

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I BELIEVE that is ( 40 to 60 PSI at 2,000 RPM ) for the oil pressure on a 3.0 liter V6 engine in a Ford Ranger

The sensor is intergrated into the door latch. If it is not working (and the door chime stays on) spray it with WD 40. This almost always works.

The 1999 Ford Ranger 3.0 liter water pump bolt torque specifications are 40 pounds. You do not want to torque the bolts to hard or they will break.

its mounted under the hood on the driver side fender

The fuel pressure on a 1998 Ford Escort should be between 40 and 60 psi at idle and not drop below 35psi under acceleration.

The polaris ranger speeds are, 500engine,40. 700engine,40-50. 800engine,55mph.

yes 2002 and later 30L are the only ones not equipped with an egr valve

you have to remove the dash to get to it, it is well worth it to pay someone else to do it, it took me 2 days to do mine

As I understand it, Bank 2 should indicate driver side, and sensor 1 should be the sensor closest to the front of the car, upstream of the catalytic converter. The safest way to find out for sure, is to find an honest Ford service technician and ask! Good luck

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You would find that info in a shop repair manual for that vehicle.

5W/30 or if you have in excess of 100,00 miles you could use 5W/40

The fuel presure for the 2.9 liter V6 in a Ford RANGER is ( 30 to 40 PSI ) I assume your Ford Bronco II , 2.9 would be the same * with fuel injection

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30-40 lbs with vacum attached to the pressure regulator. (driver's side engine compartment) and 40-50 lbs with vacum removed.

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In the power distribution box ( which is " live " ) located in your engine compartment near the brake fluid reservoir there is a 40 amp maxi-fuse for your blower motor in the row nearest the driver's side , and it is the 3rd fuse from the firewall end of the PD Box , according to the owners manual for the 1996 Ford Ranger

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