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According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, "Belize is bounded on the N by Mexico, on the S and W by Guatemala, and on the E by the Caribbean." See the Related Links for more information on about Belize, as well as for a map showing the location of Belize.


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Because Belize got it by being Belize!

Belize has the smallest population of those 7 countries.Belize.BelizeBelize

The capital of Belize is Belmopan and the largest city is Belize City.

belize is not a dictorship

There are no deserts in Belize.

no belize does not have earthquakes

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There are 8 rivers in Belize. The major rivers in Belize are the Belize River, the Sibun River, and the New River.

The distance from Shreveport Louisiana to Belize City Belize is approximately 1,085.84 miles.

The currency of Belize is Belize dollar By Alanood Alrawi

The driving distance from Jacksonville, Florida to Belize City, Belize is about 2,553 miles.

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Mining does not occur in Belize

Belize is divided in districts

it depends on the part of Belize you are

no Belize doesnt have one

Yes, Belize has a prime minister whom is head of government in Belize.

Nope. Not since Belize gained independence.

Belize qualifies as such (Belize is a country, and its capital is Belmopan).

Belize is a country in North America.

Belize is southwest from Cuba.

Belize has a Mixed economy.

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