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Where is Burger King store 5189?


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No,because they are a different company and store. Wendy is a different store then Burger King.

Burger King store #4005 is located at 4005 Providence Road, Waxhaw North Carolina.

The fastest way to find your nearest Burger King is to enter your zip code into the store locator. Burger King's store locator is on its website:

The noun Burger King is a proper noun, the name of a specific store.The related proper noun is Burger King Corporation the name of the company that owns the Burger King name.Some common nouns for the proper noun Burger King are:businesscompanyemployerrestaurantretailerstore

Insta Burger King became Burger King in 1957.

Grocery store? 1.00 pack of hamburger it was so dam cheap

The Burger King Slogan is a Burger with the Title "Burger King" written in between the middle of the burger where the meat should be.

Examples of exact nouns for store are Macy's, Burger King, Jiffy Lube, etc.

burger king is unique because it i the only restaurant the has a king made out of a burger

I work for Burger king and I made 44,500 last year

The first store was opened in Miami in 1954.

Drive-Thru or go in the store and purchase it.

If you get a burger from Burger King they make it out of a patty and lettuce and meat

The burger king whopper burger is about 1.00

Angus Burger - Burger King - was created in 2006.

You can either fill out the application online at and submit it or you could go into a local store and apply there. You must meet the requirements to work at Burger King.

apply for the burger king job.

It depends on what you order from Burger King.

The continent of Antarctica has no Burger King.

The Burger King was created in 1955.

there are 11,550 outlets of burger king resturants there are 11,550 outlets of burger king resturants

Burger King was not opened until 1954, And the Original names Was Insta-Burger King :)

Yes Burger King was around in 1983. The Burger King corporation was founded in 1954.

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