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Where is Chris Benoit?

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Benoit's Final Destination

  • I would like to believe that Chris Benoit is up in heaven with his family looking down and realizing how many people love him and are going to miss his a whole lot.
  • So would I but I think he killed his wife and kid then himself making him go to hell
  • Chris you will be missed.
  • Chris Benoit killed his wife and kid, unless he repented before he hung himself, I'm pretty sure Heaven was not his destination.
  • Benoit will live for ever and Benoit is in heaven.
  • Yes he probably did repent as he left a bible next to his wife and kid. Would a cold blooded murderer do that?
  • i know its hard to accept it but, chris benoit was not right "mentally" because of the steriods he took while with the WWE "world wrestling entertainment". I also know that any and every loving fan of his would not want to know the truth about him but the truth is the truth. - Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son. (his wife Nancy was 43, his son Daniel was 7) he killed them in the privacy of his own home and put bibles by there beds, that does not mean he went to heaven. (if there is a heaven, people who murder and comit crimes don't go there) I myslef believe he wasnt there at all because he's a strange person who at the time you wouldn't think he would kill anyone, but he chose to murder his family then himself. Deal With It. "he obviously didnt love his life and the world very much if he wanted to do that.
  • Half his problem was steriods, the other was all the bumps to the head he sustained over the years. DONT TRY TO DISPUTE THAT BECAUSE THE TESTS ON HIS BRAIN PROVED THAT AS PART OF THE PROBLEM. I would like to believe (because of the bibles by their bodies) that chris did repent before killing himself, & I don't care who you are or what you do, if you repent, THE LORD FORGIVES YOU & YOU GO TO HEAVEN WITH HIM. I hope chris is there right now & looking down on all his fans who still love and miss him.
  • For god-sake. get real and get a life because clearly you don't have one because you waste precious time arguing with fact. fair enough, you don't know me and i don't know you. if you would like to explain to me who you are than i may understand why you like to argue the point concerning where "chris benoit" is now. Look, i don't mean to offend you because i know what you feel like when your favorite superstar screws his own carreer/life up.
  • No one but Chris and God knows what really happened. When it all comes down to it Chris has to answer to God and only God
  • he is right god is a god of forgiveness god forgives chris benoit for his sin so at this moment chris and god is looking down at all his fans that means me you and every body in the world
  • Seeing as he's dead, he isn't anywhere, as he's ceased to exist. That's what death is. Believing in a God and afterlife is just wishful thinking.

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Chris Benoit was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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Chris Benoit died in 2007 I think.

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Chris Benoit was born on May 21, 1967.

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Chris Benoit was 5' 10¾" (1.80 m)

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Chris Benoit's real name is Christopher Michael "Chris" Benoit.

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