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In Denmark
Denmark is to the north of Germany.

Denmark is considered to be one of the four Nordic countries of Europe (the others being Norway, Sweden and Iceland). It is the southernmost of these, lying southwest of Sweden, and south of Norway (Iceland is far off in the North Atlantic). It is bordered to the south by Germany. The Baltic Sea lies to the east of Denmark and the North Sea lies to the west. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland (aka Jylland), and many islands; the largest are Zealand (aka Sjælland), Funen (aka Fyn), Vendsyssel-Thy (although this is sometimes lumped with Jutland), Lolland, Falster, and Bornholm. A hundred or so minor islands making up the "Danish Archipelago" lie around Jutland in the North Sea and Baltic Sea and are part of Denmark.

Greenland could also be considered part of Denmark although it is now an autonomous country with Denmark only exercising control in foreign relations. Greenland, of course, is located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago of North America and is categorized as part of North America.
DENMARK is a country in Northern Europe.
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What is Denmark?

The Kingdom of Denmark: Is most commonly known as Denmark, is acountry in the Scandinavian region of northern Europe. Ourpopulation is around 5,475,791 and growning. Denmark is aconstitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government.As stipulated in the Danish Constitution, the monarch is ( Full Answer )

What borders Denmark?

Germany is the only country that borders Denmark by land on the south. It is surrounded on three sides, west, north and east by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea which meet at some point.

What are facts about Denmark?

~Denmark is in Europe. ~The Danish flag is red and white. ~Denmark's population is 5,307,000. ~Hans Christian Andersen is a writer in Denmark. ~its awesome.

What was a colony of Denmark?

Greenland, Faroe islands, Norway, Iceland, Trankebar (a place in India), the Virgin Islands (some Caribbean islands) and some places at the Ivory Coast in Africa

Is Denmark rich?

Yes, it is currently the seventh richest country in the world. Its GPA is $206,586 Billion. It's current population as of 2012 is 5,543,453.

What are regions of Denmark?

a region is an area that has common features that make it different from surrounding areas.

Why is Denmark famous?

A mixed bag of suggestions : Vikings leaving an impression on at leat the English and French Fairytales by H. C. Andersen The Kronborg castle which is the location of Shakespear's Hamlet The unique resque of the Jewish population during WW2 The Cartoon crisis Some famous Danes in chrono ( Full Answer )

What is made in Denmark?

Lego is made in Denmark. HC Andersen (author, of 3 ugly ducklings, the price and the pea, and the little mermaid. Also, Novo Nordisk manufactures three kinds of insulin- Novolog, Levamere & Victosa. Hans Christian Andersen is the most famous man in Denmark, Mermaid statue is the most famous ( Full Answer )

Who is Denmarks president?

Denmark does not have a president as it is a constitutional monarchy. Our queen is Queen Margrethe II and our prime minister is Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

What does Denmark Export?

Denmark exports bacon,butter and fish i am not sure what else there are more but you should check on the internet proberly on wikipedia

Who is the president of Denmark?

It is a monarchy, so they have a prime minister, not a president. As of right now it is Lars Løkke Rasmussen. Denmark doesnt have one. It is a monarchy. It has a king.

What did Denmark invent?

Well see Denmark invented stuff like the toothpick, wind electricity (dont ask where they got that idea from), the freezer and fridge and last but certainly not least the first closable envolope!!. This answer was posted by Jordan

Problems in Denmark?

No, absolutely no problems (= risk factors) one should consider when going to Denmark. You may have heard/read about gang wars during the summer 2009 (turf wars between Hell's Angels and Immigrant gangs), but they have stopped shooting in the streets(!) and it was only in very limited areas anyway. ( Full Answer )

Continent of Denmark?

It's not a continent, it's a country technically in northern Europe but more usually associated with Scandinavia.

Who is who in Denmark?

If you want info on 'imortant' people in Denmark, you need to consult the book 'Kraks Blå bog', which corresponds to 'Who's who' in the English language world. Published by Gads Forlag.

How do you get to Denmark?

It would depend on where you are starting from. It is possible toget to Denmark in lots of ways, by air, sea and land.

What are souvenirs from Denmark?

Judging from the souvenir shops it is still little figurines resembling the Status of the little mermaid. For kids is gotta be Lego toys.

Why invade Denmark?

If we are talking WWII then the motive was to use airfields in Northen Denmark as a stepping stone for the invasion of Norway (which in turn was invaded to control the Northern Atlantic)

How hot is Denmark?

In denmark we have a temperate climate, that means that in winter it is cold, and in the summer it is hot, but it also rains a lot etc. I don't know how accurate my explanation is, but then look it up! (Temperate climate) And right now, it rains in denmark. Which sucks!

Is Denmark a prison?

To my knowledge there is no prison called Denmark, it is however a country in Scandinavia, Europe

Does Denmark have a coast?

Denmark has about 7300 kilometers of coastline and nowhere in the country are you more than 52 kilometers from the coast.

What is the geogrphy of Denmark?

Denmark is a flat country, the highest point being around 200 metres (600 feet) above sea level. Most of Denmark's geography was created by glaciers and them melting some 10'000 years ago. Roughly speaking this means that the eastern parts are filled with huge rocks that the glaciers could carry ar ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with Denmark?

Park, dark, Mark, shark, southwark, spark, bark, Newark, trademark, Clark, bookmark, benchmark, earmark, meadowlark, ballpark, landmark, trimark, airpark, brandmark, Lanark, watermark, birthmark, bismarck, flightpark and so on...

What is a stork to Denmark?

Definition 1: A rather large bird found in various contries. Definition 2: A twig like root. Very large.

How rich is Denmark?

Very. I don't know an exact number, but I can say they are very rich. I belive they are the 13. richest country in the world.

Where in this world is Denmark?

Northern part of Europe, just above Germany, part of Scandanavia, next to Sweden and UK, south of Norway

What is the emblem in Denmark?

I don't really know what you mean about emblem, but Denmarks flag is read with a white cross, and it is also the oldest flag in the world. On Denmarks 10 kr. and 20 kr. coins, they have their queen on them, but Denmark couldn't care less about it. Denmark doesn't have any kind of symbol, like C ( Full Answer )

Who is the mayor of Denmark and what does he do?

Denmark doesn't have a mayor, each municipalities has a mayor. The name is Prime Minister, and he rules the country. Of course not alone, we have democracy in Denmark. And he gets switched out every fourth year.

Does Denmark have a prince?

Yes! Denmark has several princes. Three of them are adults and married. . Prins Consort Henrik (married to the queen) . Crown Prince Frederik . Prins Christian . Prince Joachim . Prince Nikolai . Prince Felix . Prince Henrik

Is Scandanavia in Denmark?

No it's the other way round. The Vikings (Scandanavian Soldiers) came from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, so that three countries join up to make a bigger country called Scandanavia. Hope my info helped:)

Who disscovers Denmark?

Denmark wasn't discovered in the same way as perhaps America. There is no danish equivalent to Christopher Colombus. Denmark was probably discovered some 10'000 years ago when the glaciers of the last ice age melted away and the land could be inhabited. Tribes of hunters probably wandered into Den ( Full Answer )

When was Denmark decoverd?

Denmark wasn't discovered in the same way as perhaps America. There is no danish equivalent to Christopher Colombus. Denmark was probably discovered some 10'000 years ago when the glaciers of the last ice age melted away and the land could be inhabited. Tribes of hunters probably wandered into Denm ( Full Answer )

What is a dollar in Denmark?

1 american dollar is currently worth 5.56 Danske Kroner (danish crowns, DKK). Denmark usually tries to fit the value of DKK to euro, so that 1 DKK at any time is worth around 7.5 euro.

Do they have a Santa in Denmark?

In Denmark Santa Claus is called Julemanden ('The Christmas Man'; 'jul' is the christmas holiday, 'manden' means 'the man'). He is believed to live in Greenland, a danish colony, and the stories about him are identical to those about Santa Claus.

Why does Denmark stink?

I kinda like it but the food isn't good! The reference to Denmark having an odor is probably just an idiom.

What are the religion of Denmark?

The most prominent religion is Evangelical Lutheran, but there are so many other religions in Denmark. You can find Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, etc.

Is Denmark traditional?

I don't know if you can say that... We hold Christmas every year, birthdays, midsummers day/eve and new year, but that's about it. And if we miss one of those holidays, we don't really care. So my answer would be no.

Are there elk in Denmark?

No, we don't have elks in Denmark. Occaisionally an elk somehow makes it over the strait between Denmark and Sweden, but they are not indigenous to Denmark.

Why is Denmark called Denmark?

Most danes believe that it means Dan's Field, Den being derived from Dan, the name of an early king; and mark meaning a field in Danish. However there are a plethora of theories (see the Sources and relate links section, below).

What currencie does Denmark have?

The currency of Denmark is the Danish krone. The Danish krone is pegged with the Euro, but is a sovereign currency.

Is Denmark by Canada?

No, Denmark is in Europe north of Germany. However, the danish constitutional country of Greenland is northeast of Canada.

What is the languish of Denmark?

The language of Denmark is danish. Danish is a language unique to Denmark, however other Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway) have languages that are so similar to danish, that it is possible to have a conversation without having actually learned the other language. Danish has a Teutonic heritage and ( Full Answer )

What are the foodhabits in Denmark?

The most unique food in Denmark is the rye bread. Compared to white bread it is very coarse and highly nutritious, though many foreigners experience as a dry, boring kind of bread. Rye bread is also a main ingredient in a danish national food, smørrebrød ('buttered bread', also known as the op ( Full Answer )

What is Denmark popular of?

The country drinking most beer, and the kids in denmark uses the computer, mobil, playstation and tv more then any other country.

How is Denmark ruled?

We have a constitutional monarchy, meaning we have a queen who signs the law. We have two leading parties in Denmark, Venstre (conservative) and Socialistisk Folkeparti (socialists). The Prime Minister in Denmark is Helle Thorning Smith, the leader of Socialistisk Folkeparti.

What is Denmark knownn for?

all kinds of cheese and the roe deer. the roe deer is inhabitant to denmark and made famous by the disney movie Bambi, Bambi is a roe deer.

What is Denmark is known for?

Wienerbrød (Danish pastry) The royal family Dannebrog (the Danish flag) Smørrebrød (a Danish open sandwich made of rye bread and some kind of topping) Vikings H.C. Andersen

What does Denmark mean?

Denmark is a country in Europe. Other than that I don't know what it means.