Where is PCV valve located on 2002 ford escape 3.0 engine?

look below your throttle body, the pcv valve is buried in the -v- of the engine block itself, very hard to see. i removed mine by taking off the plastic engine cover, the one that says 24 valve v-6, then remove the rubber intake hose that's between the air filter box and the throttle body. this will give you enough room to remove the black vacuume hose that is connected to the pcv valve. now it gets tricky, you will need a 12 point deep well 7/8 socket, a swivel fitting, and an extension. fit the socket over the square on the pcv valve and rotate it 180 degrees counter clockwise, now you can remove the valve. to install the new pcv valve. i fit the small 3" vacuume hose we removed earlier over the valve, and put the other end of the hose in my 13/16 socket, and tightened the new valve into the block ( i did this because you can't reach the valve with your hand) 1/2 turn clockwise, do not overtighten! now, reconnect the 3" hose to the main pcv hose and reassemble your intake boot and engine cover. good luck