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Where is Sardina located?

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search it on googlethere you can get a map

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Who was Sardina?

There is no significant person in history called 'Sardina'

When was Salvador Funet Sardina born?

Salvador Funet Sardina was born on 1981-06-02.

Where is the Culebra Community Library in Culebra located?

The address of the Culebra Community Library is: Playa Sardina, Culebra, 00775 0840

What the longest island in the Mediterranean?


What does sardine mean in spanish?


When did Mike Sardina die?

Mike Sardina died on July 27, 2006, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA of head injury from a fall.

How do you say sardine in Italian?

you say it sardina

What area of Italy was ruled by a monarch?

sardina and peidmont

How do you say sardine in spanish?

sardina (pronounced 'sarrDEEnah')

When did rome occupy Sicily Corsica and sardina?

241 b.C.

Can anyone provide time and place for the Entierro de la Sardina in Madrid Spain for 2008?

this is not in madrid, but elsewhere in spain.

What actors and actresses appeared in Song Sung Blue - 2008?

The cast of Song Sung Blue - 2008 includes: Rachel Cartwright as herself Dana Cartwright as himself Martin Jack Rosenblum as himself Eddie Roeser as himself Angelina Sardina as herself Mike Sardina as Lightning Claire Sardina as Thunder Mark Shurilla as himself Damian Strigens as himself Eddie Vedder as himself

What do you call small fishes found in great schools along coasts of Europe?

Sardina pilchardus

Is Sardina a country?

It used to be. In the early 1800's Italy was not united. There were three major parts. Sardina (Northern Italy), the Papal States (Central Italy) and Sicily(Southern Italy). The Italian Unification movement throughout the 19th century united the country.

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What islands are off the cost of Italy?

Sicily and sardina are 2 islands just off the cost of Italy

Largest island in Mediterranean?

The largest island in the Mediterranean is Sicily. The next largest are Sardina, Corsica, Cyprus, and the island of Crete.

What type of region is Italy?

Italy is a peninsula with two large islands, which are named Sicily and Sardina. There are mountains and coastlines in the country of Italy.

What has the author J Amorim Machado Cruz written?

J. Amorim Machado Cruz has written: 'A sardinha do norte do Portugal (Sardina pilchardus walb.)'

What is a sardine?

1. the pilchard, Sardina pilchardus, often preserved in oil and used for food. 2. any of various similar, closely related fishes of the herring family Clupeidae.

What are the 3 large islands between Italy and north Africa?

The three large islands between Italy and north Africa are Sardina, Sicily (which are part of Italy) and the third island is Corsica.

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What actors and actresses appeared in Hypnotic - 2014?

The cast of Hypnotic - 2014 includes: Tom Procida as Officer Kerry Ramsay as Boyd Wes Riddle as Stranger Angie Sardina as Alice Peggy Schott as Chris Natasha Straley as Zoe

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