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Silesia is a historical region of Central Europe located mostly in present-day Poland, with parts in the Czech Republic and Germany.

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Q: Where is Silesia?
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When was Hedwig of Silesia born?

Hedwig of Silesia was born in 1174.

When was Beatrice of Silesia born?

Beatrice of Silesia was born in 1290.

When did Beatrice of Silesia die?

Beatrice of Silesia died in 1322.

When was University of Silesia created?

University of Silesia was created on 1968-06-08.

When did Hedwig of Silesia die?

Hedwig of Silesia died on 1243-10-15.

When was Medical University of Silesia created?

Medical University of Silesia was created in 1948.

What happened to silesia?


What is the area of Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia?

The area of Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia is 1,218 square kilometers.

What is Silesia and where is it?

Silesia is a region in central Europe. It is mostly in Poland, with parts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and also Germany.

What is Silesia presently known as?


What languages are spoken in silesia?

Silesia is located in Poland, Germany, and the Czech republic. Inhabitands speak the languages of their 3 respective countries.

Is Germany a part of Silesia?

Silesia lies in South of Poland, it's capital is Katowice. It used to belong to Germany but it doesn't anymoe.

What river runs through silesia?


Who captured Silesia from Austria?

Fredrick the Great

What is the origin of the surname Polanc?

German probably from Silesia

What has the author Arthur P Coleman written?

Arthur P. Coleman has written: 'The Melaphyres of Lower Silesia' 'The Melaphyres of Lower Silesia' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What is the meaing of the last name Radtke?

The last name Radtke has German origins. It comes from Radeck, the name of a castle in Silesia, which was then a German state. Silesia is now located in Poland.

Where is the leading manufacturing industrial complex located in Poland?


Are all of Germany coal reserves located in Silesia?

No most of them are

What country does the name gomolla come from?

Germany (Prussia/Silesia).

What is Czech Silesia's population?

The population of Czech Silesia is 1,000,000.

Where was gross-rosen?

Lower Silesia (now Rogoźnica, Poland)

What nationality is the surname Held?

The German surname Held originated in Silesia.

Top producers of coal in Europe?

Silesia(Poland) and Czech Republic

Where was Maria Goeppert-Mayer born?

kattowitz,upper silesia