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On a 2001 Ford Explorer the airbag control module is located behind the passenger side kick panel (located to the right of the passengers right foot if seated in the vehicle).

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Q: Where is a 2001 Ford Explorer sport airbag module location?
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Where is the computer module located on the 1998 Ford Explorer Sport?

The computer module on the 2002 Explorer Sport is not located in the drivers side rear panel, does anyone know where it is located? On a 2002 Explorer Sport if you are looking for your code or computer then you will have to disconnect the battery and the passenger side airbag cover pull it off and gently remove the airbag by sliding it be careful not to deploy it and there will be the computer directly in front of you the 5 yellow numbers are your key code and this is how you also access the computer, I have a2001 Explorer sport and this is where I found it. Which computer are you looking for? On the 1998 Explorer Sport? The Engine Control Module (ECM) or the Chassis Control Module (CCM) or the Airbag Module (Clock Spring)The answer that the Computer Control Module is under the Steering Column Airbag is the funniest thing I have ever heard. That is the Clock Spring. There is a module under the glove box on the kick panel on the Passenger Side of the 1998 Explorer Sport, behind that plastic molding you see just inside the door on the right-hand floor. It has a plastic clip that holds it in, just reach up to the top of it and tug it out. Be careful, no need to break it but it will come out. In some models it is located behind a metal bracket that holds it in and will need to be unbolted. As with any computer module, Match your S/N with the one you replace it with. We need to know which module is under the plastic cover on the passenger sidewall.

Where is the fuse for the compass-temp module on a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport?

On a 1999 Explorer there is a 7.5 amp fuse in location # 10 of the fuse panel for the overhead console.

Where is the location of alternator on 2003 ford explorer sport?

location of alternator

Where is the keyless code located on a ford explorer sport trac?

On my 2001 sport trac it is behjnd the backseat on the module

You read that the computer module on a 2001 explorer 2dr sport is located in the jack compartment Still can't locate it Any suggestions on location of module?

most computer modules are under the dash behind the glove compartment

How to replace airbag Explorer sport?

That's a job for a professional, if it's not done properly a person can get injured.

Where is the location of the transmission control module TCM on a 03 Mitsubishi Montery-Sport 3.0L Automatic?

where the location the TCM unit in mitsubishi sport 2000

Where is the 4 wheel drive control module on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

I have a 2001 Ford Explorer sport trac and the module is located behind the front passengers side panel. I would have to believe that the 2002 Explorer would be the same.

What is fuse 19 on a Ford Explorer sport 2001 for?

In the fuse panel on the driver's end of the dash , fuse # 19 is a 25 amp fuse for the powertrain control module power diode ( according to the owner's manual ) In your power distribution box in the engine compartment location # 19 is not used on your 2001 Ford Explorer Sport.

Where is the oil plug location on a 1994 Ford Explorer Sport?

on the bottom of the oil pan!

What is the RAP module on a ford explorer sport trac?

That's the Remote Anti-theft Personality module ( what a name ! ) It is used with the remote keyless entry / alarm system

Where did they move the computer module on the 2003 Explorer Sport?

I found the computer module (w/ the keyless entry factory code) on my 2003 Ford Explorer XLT behind and just below the rear passenger side seatbelt panel. Not sure if it's in the same location on the Sport model but it's worth a shot. Carefully remove the seatbelt panel (shoulder portion) and dislodge the top portion of the panel below it. The black computer module with the keyless entry code should be easily visible.

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