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Where is a fuel pump in a 1984 Lincoln Town Car?

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June 24, 2009 11:06AM

The fuel pump on newer fuel injected engines is located in the

fuel tank. I too cannot find the fuel pump in my 1984 Lincoln Town

Car. I thought mine was NOT fuel injected (withou a carb), but was

assured by one of the "veiw nice" people at autozone, the even

though I have a carb, it is still injected. Apparently, there are

two round barrel looking objects mounted to the top of the carb.

The barrel looking objects are the original {primitive} style of

injectors, spraying the fuel into the carb. Using other's Q and A,

found my filter, changed it, and still no banana. Removal of both

fuel lines fro the back of the card, putting a larger hose over

them into a clean one quart bottle, then cranking her up for a few

beats, tells me it is not the presseure regulater also mounted on

the top of the carb, since nothing came out of either of the fuel

lines at the back of the carb at all. As well, I pulled back the

carpeting in the trunck to look for this ellusive plate that one

might remove to check the eletrical flow to the fuel pump. All I

did find was a moduler plug-in to what I don't know since there was

no trap door... Some mechanic friends have told me it may be

in-line, others have suggested it it in the gas tank. MY main

question is "Since I have the old original primitive fuel injection

model, with only two injectors on the carb, two lines converging to

one just before the filter. Where could my fuel pump be actuall

located???" Pump is in the tank-check in the trunk first to see if

the circuit breaker button popped somehow. This is located on my

'85 on the left side by the trunk lid hinge. I just replaced the

fuel pump on my '84 Town Car. It is located inside the gas tank

itself. To get to the pump, drop the gas tank, and the pump is

located on the back of the tank.

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