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Where is coolant temperature sending unit located for 1995 Pontiac firebird formula?

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βˆ™ 2008-07-25 23:50:02

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located on left side of water pump

2008-07-25 23:50:02
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Gas milage Pontiac 1991 Firebird?

I calc'ed my '91 V8 Formula Firebird to be about 18 mpg.

Where is the starter for a 2000 Pontiac firebird formula?

The 2000 Pontiac Firebird starter can be found on the right hand side of the engine. The starter will be near the back of the engine.

What is the firing order for a 1981 Pontiac firebird formula?

whats the fireing order for a 81 firebird v6 3.8

What type of engine is in a 1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula?

Chevy 350 LT1

What is the hp in a 1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula?

300 horse if it's a V8.

Who drove a 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula when off duty?

Jim Rockford.

How much horse power does a 1997 Pontiac firebird formula have?

285 bhp

Where is the Map Sensor located on a 1989 Firebird Formula?

The 1989 Pontiac Firebird Formula map sensor is located behind the dashboard. The map sensor will be on the drivers side.

Where is the fuel pump in a 1995 Pontiac firebird formula?

it's inside the gas tank

What weight oil Pontiac firebird formula?

either 5w30 or 10w30 will work well.

What fuel grade for 95 Pontiac firebird formula?

91-93 octane premium

How can you determine the the difference between a 1987 Pontiac firebird and a 1987 Pontiac firebird formula?

Ram air, a stronger V-8, different hood, special, wider wheels, tighter suspension,

Does a 98 Pontiac firebird formula have a governor?

it most likely has a rev limiter programmed into the ecm.

Is a 2000 Pontiac firebird formula considered a sports car?

I think it's considered a performance car.

What rear end gearing came stock in the 1992 Pontiac firebird formula ws6 5.0?


How many Pontiac Formula 350 were produced in 1989?

I show 49,048 Base Firebird & 15,358 Tran-am

How much does a 1976 Pontiac firebird 350 formula v8 have?

The 350 that year had a measly 160 h.p.

What hoods will fit a 1991 Pontiac fire bird?

Any hood from an 82 to a 92 firebird,formula or trams am

What is the Gear ratio for a 1974 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 T Code with TH400 Transmission?


How do you replace a fuel pump in a 87 Pontiac firebird formula?

i changed the one in my 87 firebird formula and i had to cut the filler neck in half then connected it back with a peice of hose if you don't want to do that i think you have to drop the rear end

Where is the oil pressure switch for a 1995 Pontiac firebird formula?

left hand side of motor on side of oil pan

How many 87 Pontiac Firebird Formula were made?

Looks like '81 was the last year for Formula. There were 13,164 SE models and 42,558 base Firebirds.

Did a 1999 Pontiac come with a 3100 engine?

The 99 Pontiac Bonneville, Firebird and Grand Prix came with the 3.8 engine. The Sunfire came with the 2.2 or the 2.4. The Montana came with the 3.4. The Grand Am came with the 2.4 or the 3.4. The Firebird Trans Am and the Firebird Formula, the 5.7. Only the Grand Prix SE came with the 3.1.

How much horespower does a 1998 stock V8 automatic Pontiac firebird formula engine produce?

305 HP @ 5,200 rpm

What is the difference between the Pontiac Firebird and the Pontiac Trans AM?

AnswerIt's trim level. There are three trim levels for the Pontiac Firebird.Firebird (base)Firebird FormulaFirebird Trans AmFirebird GTA (Third Generation Only) (it's to the Trans Am as the IROC-Z is to the Z28)Generally, the higher trim levels offer more goodies and more power than lower trim levels.The second generation also had the Firebird Esprit.The Trans Am model included a stiffer suspension, larger engine (some years), and distinctive graphics.The Trans Am is a Firebird. It's an upgrade option. Usually includes upgrades including engine, suspension, body...(spoilers) etc.