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Where is diagnostic plug on Daewoo matiz 2000?


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Took me ages to find it too! In a European model it's under the front bottom edge of the glovebox, right in the middle.

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The radiator does not have a drain plug. The easiest way to drain is remove a hose.

It's on the gearbox, you need to get under the car to access it. It has a 3pin plug.

It is located on the sump pan under the engine. It is the large single nut at the lowest point.

This is an extract from the Daewoo service manual; Unleaded Petrol - 1.1mm 0.043inch 1.2mm 0.047inch Leaded Petrol - 0.8mm 0.031inch

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the ecm plug should be located under the dash beneath the steering wheel.

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This usually refers to the Onboard Diagnostics plug found under the dash for connection of an OBDII Diagnostic Scanner to pinpoint problems after the engine light comes on or after major repairs are completed prior to having a state emissions test to mke sure the repairs are complete.

Its behind the ashtray on mine. Lift out the whole ashtray and there it is

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Pull off the 3 plugs on top of the exhaust manifold. get a spark plug socket and whip em out. Wacky the new one in carefully making sure not to over tighten them

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My diagnostic plug is under the steering wheel console on the side closer to the center console.

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