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Where is number one cylinder on a 1990 GM 350 with throttle body fuel injection?


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2005-09-26 13:29:44
2005-09-26 13:29:44

Driver's side front.


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Your 1990 would have throttle body injection, not a carburetor.

Yes it is fuel injection. It is called a TBI / Throttle body injection.

cause its throttle body injection theres no carb on it its probly your fuel pump is gone

Yes, they all had 2 injectors on the v-6'sv8s and both v-6s. it was called a TBI system. (throttle body injection)

hi if its a v8 it has two in the throttle body if 6 cylinder it has 6

You did not state which engine. The 6 cylinder was carberated so does not have fuel injection. The 4.oL fuel injection was first put in 1991 Wranglers 6 cylinders. The 4 cylinder for 1990 had a throttle body injection (similar to a carberator except the computer "injects" fuel into the air stream as it passes- different from multipoint injection where fuel is injected directly into each cylinder- hence multipoint designation). My Haynes manual says that on most 87-95 models, the relays are located next to the battery. There is also un under hood fuse center it might be in or even could be in the fuse block, but more likely under the hood.

what is meant by IAT. The IAC is located right in front of the throttle body. The Intake Air Temprature sensor is threaded into the cylinder number FIVE intake runner in the lower intake manifold.

Yes. The only difference is the TBfI and MPFI. (Throttle body fuel injection and Multi port fuel injection and corresponding computer controller.

Looking at the motor compartment from the front of the truck, the number one cylinder is the first on the left (passenger side)of the motor.

the cylinder closest to timing belt, or passenger side according to vw site elsewhere.

I have never messed with the older models only the fuel injected ones. I am fairly certain that you don't have a carbureator on that car. I believe it is throttle body injection.

Looking at the engine - closest to the driver's side

Yes, you will need an SI distributor. This is because the DPFI does not have the Cylinder Postion function, which is required for the PGM-FI

It depends on whether your car has fuel injection or throttle body injection. On the tbi the filter is under your master cylinder and on the efi, it's under the car off the left front corner of the gas tank. Just be sure to remove the gas cap to release the pressure before you get started. Wrap a rag around the filter because gas WILL come out of it. It will get on you no matter what you do, but you can at least limit how much this way.

under the throttle body next to the thermosat housing.

on all Fords number 1 cyl. is the front passenger side.

Look for a black plastic sensor attached to the throttle body. Expect it to be black in color and directly opposite the throttle cam (where the throttle cable attaches.)

Count the number of spark plug wires. There is one for each cylinder.

The tps (throttle position sensor) would be found on the throttle body, opposite side where the throttle cable is connected.

There is no egr valve on a 1990 Mazda MPV 6 cylinder

If you are looking for the throttle position sensor, it is located at one end of the throttle plate shaft, on the side of the throttle body, opposite side to where the throttle cable is attached.

On your 4.9 liter / 300 cubic inch straight six cylinder engine # 1 cylinder is at the front of the engine nearest the radiator

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