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Where is power steering reservoir situated in Polo MkV?

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this can b found underneath the air fillter box. u need 2 take the air fillter box rite out 2 get 2 the reservoir

Not unless it has electric steering. If it is manual with a pump there is no fuse.

yes i have done two. one a 1997 & the other a 1998 make sure you get the alternator off the donor as the one on your car wont fit the bracket that holds the power steering pump

It seems as if it is part of the flasher unit

The Marco Polo Club Alpina can be found in the mountain village of Hinterthal. The village is located south of Salzburg, in the center of the Austrian alps.

3rd fuse on top of the battery from your right hand side(red). but be warned you will not have ABS, Power Steering, engine management warning light will be on.

On top of the fual tank invent of the rait rear weel

behind the glovebox under the steering wheel

You need take out the whole dash board and your steering wheel

You certainly can but unfortunatly it would be tremendously expensive as it would involve dismantling and rebuilding a big part of the car, not to mention the parts. Cost would no doubt out-weigh the value of the car.

in my 1998 the relay's r under the steering wheel behind the fuse's hope this helps

Underneath the steering wheel is a fusebox, the one for the fuel gauge is #27

The power of the engine and the maximum speed of the 1976 Volkswagen Polo 0.9 are 41 PS (30.2 kW) and (84 mph) respectively.

ignition switch in the steering column is faulty. Car would not start when the car is parked in the sun. Need to remove the steering to get to the switch.

In the lidded compartment below the steering wheel. There is also a black box with fuses in the engine bay on newer (9N) Polos.

on my 98, when you remove the compartment under the steering wheel the compartment has a diagram of all the fuses.

Hi, In my 1999 Polo it is in the gloves box under the steering wheel. You can open then take down its door by pulling it upwards and behind that you can find all the relays. As I remember number 9 is the wiper's one.

My car is a 2000 VW Polo, I just power on and off the radio about fifteen - tewnty times and it comes out of safe mode.

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