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The low pressure service port for the AC is located in front of the firewall on the passenger side just under and to the left of the passenger side windshield wiper motor. It has a green cap labeled "Evap Low Pressure Service Port. 1 PSI MAX." WRONG - don't do it

Answeri think it is under the plastic cover on the fender Another VersionWow! There must be significant differences on the 2000 Focus vehicles! On my daughter's car I finally tracked down the low side service port which is mounted on top of the receiver-dryer. This device is well hidden, and I was only able to find it by tracing the Plumbing -- no easy task in the engine compartment's crowded spaces.

The good news is you don't even have to open the hood. You cannot get at the low-side port from the engine compartment on this vehicle. The receiver-dryer is mounted beneath the fender directly below the right front headlight bulb and about 6-inches in front of the right front tire.

To get at it you have to remove the four fasteners holding the wheel splash guard -- the plastic shield that forms the "ceiling" for the wheel well. On this car there were three of those horrible plastic fasteners and a single steel screw holding the shield. The screw is located at the forward lower edge of the wheel opening on the fender. At the opposite lower edge (at the rear of the wheel opening) is a plastic fastener pointing upward. With the steering wheel cramped full to the left you can then see the other two plastic fasteners on the inside of the well and just to the rear of the center of the wheel. IF YOU REMOVE WHEEL IT'S LOTS EASIER. The heads on the three fasteners are Phillips slotted, but I had no success whatever getting any of them to unscrew. I finally pried them out using a fine-bladed screw driver and a pliers -- damaging them somewhat in the process. If you pry out the plastic screw the rest of the fastener comes out easily using your fingers. It turned out I was able to reuse all three of these fasteners to reassemble the splash shield.

Once the shield is loose you can work it free (there is a slotted guide on the upper edge of the fender well) and the shield can then be lowered somewhat to the tire. With it in that position you can now move the forward section out of the way far enough to see the receiver-drier and the low-side service port. There is a protective plastic cap screwed onto the service port fitting.

When reassembling the splash guard be sure to align the upper slot before replacing any of the fasteners.

Another versionI think the ""Evap Low Pressure Service Port. 1 PSI MAX."" is not the port to re-charge the AC. It does not fit the recharger I bought at the mart store. The 3rd answer I think is right. I removed the splash guard and there was a port with a black cap near a "cylender" type thing. I recharged my AC a bit (it was just at the low mark on the recharger I bought) and it works better now. Thanks for all the help guys!


Another versionHa ha ha, I just charged my AC in my Ford Focus 2000 SE, 4 door sedan. It was located right in front of the front right wheel under the fender. Great now we can feel the breeze in the car. I didn't take off my tire. I jacked up little bit and squeezed my hand in between wheel splash guard and AC freezer bottle and took off the black cap. Rest was very simple. Thanks guys.Vanya
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Q: Where is the AC low pressure side port on a 2000 Ford Focus located?
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