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Where is the AC pipe to fill the freon on 2001 Ford Focus?


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The low-side charging port is located in a really stupid place. It is on top of the AC accumulator, which is in the front passeger's fender, ahead of the passenger's front wheel. Reach up into the fender from underneath, and you will feel the accumulator. Reach way up on the top rear of the accumulator and feel around. It's there.


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The freon fill amount is on a sticker on the A/C housing on most vehicles.

The amount of Freon you will need to fill your 2001 Mercury Sable air conditioning system is dependent upon how low the Freon level is. A recharge kit will have a gauge to tell you when the system is full.

Connect a gauge and freon can to the low side port of the ac system. Start the car and turn ac on high. Fill freon till the gauge shows full.

$25 to $35, depending on the price of gasoline.

The Freon is added through the low side ac port. Using the proper type of Freon and a gauge, fill the system to the recommended pressure.

According to the 2006 Ford Focus Owner Guide : The fuel tank holds ( 14.0 U.S. gallons )

According to the 2012 Ford Focus owners manual : The gas tank size is ( 12.4 U.S. gallons )

That 35 Ford must be custom built with after market AC. An AC mechanic with the proper tools and equipment can fill that system.

You recharge an A/C system by adding freon through the Low side port. Look for the L on the cap. Never recharge on the high side. Too much pressure on this side and your freon can might explode. OK, once again it's not freon! it's R134a refrigerant that should be used to fill your car system. Many people call it freon but you need the r134a refrigerant( and oil, too). Anyway, freon cans are only available to certified mechanics in most states now.

The ac is recharged through the low side ac port. Using the right type of Freon and the proper gauge for that type of Freon, connect the Freon to the port and fill to the proper gauge reading. Check the can for exact refill directions.

Remove the freon from the ac system and release the pressure on the 2001 Dodge. Loosen the fittings on the dryer and remove it. Install a new drier, and new o rings. Pull a vacuum on the system then fill with new freon.

I was looking at the 2012 Ford Focus Owner Guide ( for North America ) It shows " if your vehicle is flex fuel capable , it will have a YELLOW BEZEL placed over the fuel fill inlet "

you have to raise the vehicle and remove the plug from the transmission, then fill it with a pumping device.

Not usually. If there is leakage it is usually at the ports (fill points).

The line that you fill freon to in a car is known as the fill line. Going past the line can cause overflow, or even damage your vehicle.

You can put Freon into your 1997 Nissan Pathfinder from the low pressure port. Connect the Freon bottle to the port. Release the Freon into the air conditioning system.

My new '07 has averaged 33mpg for the first three fill-ups.

Does not contain any Freon (R12). Freon was banned and has not been installed in any vehicle since 1995. there is freon in a 2000 durango,its in the air conditioner line,and it takes about 3 to 5 cans to fill it depending on how much is in it. you can buy everything you need to fill it up at walmart.

On a 2001 Ford Taurus : The automatic transmission fluid dipstick ( fill tube ) is between the engine air intake tube and the engine compartment firewall

If the motor is cold fill to the full cool mark if the motor is hot fill to the hot mark!

If the cap on the Resoivoir twist or turns on says DO NOT OPEN HOT and there is no cap on rad then this is where you fill it at.

Remove the radiator cap and add it directly to the radiator. Then fill the overflow reservoir to the full mark.

Connect freon and a gauge to the low side ac port. Fill the system to full on the gauge, with the engine running, and the ac on high.

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