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Q: Where is the Clydesdale from?
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Which horse is bigger-a clydesdale or a shetland?

its a Clydesdale

What is the birth name of David Clydesdale?

David Clydesdale's birth name is David T. Clydesdale.

What kind of horse is a Clydesdale?

a clydesdale is a draft horse

What type of animal is a clydesdale?

A clydesdale is a heavy draught horse.

What is the biggest horse in America a heavy weight or a clydesdale?

A Clydesdale

What county does clydesdale come from?

A clydesdale horse comes from scotland

What is the population of Clydesdale Bank?

Clydesdale Bank's population is 2.

When was Clydesdale Bank created?

Clydesdale Bank was created in 1838.

What is Clydesdale Bank's population?

Clydesdale Bank's population is 635.

When was Clydesdale F.C. created?

Clydesdale F.C. was created in 1872.

What is the length of the Clydesdale?

The length of a Clydesdale is 18 hands (6 feet).

Which horse is bigger- Clydesdale or a Shetland?

The Clydesdale(the Shetland is a small pony)

What is Peggy Clydesdale's birthday?

Peggy Clydesdale was born on March 4, 1974.

When was Peggy Clydesdale born?

Peggy Clydesdale was born on March 4, 1974.

When was Clydesdale Junction Railway created?

Clydesdale Junction Railway was created in 1849.

When was Clydesdale Cricket Club created?

Clydesdale Cricket Club was created in 1848.

Where does a Clydesdale horse originate?

Answerthe Clydesdale originated in ScotlandHorseIsle answer: Scotlandmyponyket, brown server

Is a friesian faster than a clydesdale?

Yes, because the Friesian is lighter and the Clydesdale is heavier.

What is stronger a clydesdale or shire?

shires are stronger because they are more built with muscul then a clydesdale

Can you ride a clydesdale?

Yeah Clydesdale horses are used for show, riding,harness and draught

Do clydesdale's live in groups?

Yes, Clydesdale horses live in groups called herds.

Which member of the horse family is largest and strongest Morgan Clydesdale or Arabian?

the clydesdale because of its large body and big muscles clydesdale's are stronger, but the Arabian are faster.

Is there a Dr.Gerry Higgins in Clydesdale Bank PLC?

who is Mr. Dr. Gerry Higgins into the Clydesdale Bank

Clydesdale horses introduced into the US?

The Clydesdale horse was first introduced to the United States in 1842.

How much does the Clydesdale horse weigh when its born?

The average Clydesdale newborn weighs about 125 lbs.