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Hi... I also have an EGR valve on a 97 LeSabre that turns on the engine light [[emission code = P1406]], but engine still runs smooth. Thus, am going to wait to replace it.... a little while AND check it out via shop manual in local Library. Cost of AC-Delco EGR w/pintle position sensor is ~$150... + gasket. The EGR valve is on the drivers side of the engine... and has a thin solid panel behind it (on side toward interior of car)... and it has a 5 wire connector going into it and is connected with 2 bolts. Oh, it is BEHIND the long(side to side of car AND wide(front to back) engine cover --as mentioned on the drivers side at(behind to the driver) the bottom left 'corner' of the engine cover [[looking from the top down on the engine as if lying on the roof and having hood removed]] To see what it looks like see this site: ---unfortunately, site shows just the unit from the side instead of from the top or on an angle and it is by itself instead of in the engine compartment. Ah yes, to replace, have engine off; remove 5 wire connector, remove the 2 bolts that hold it to the exhaust manifold, remove and replace gasket... and you probably want to check that the is NOT carbon blocking (even partially) the port)... if there is stuff a rag down into the port to prevent carbon dropping down into the manifold and use a shop vac as you wire brush or? chisel? the carbon away. After carbon removed, clean particles of carbon with shop vac from area so when remove rag, nothing gets into the manifold opening. Put on new gasket, new EGR, torque the two bolts to recommended amount; reconnect 5 wire connector.... and you should be ready to drive. good luck... f.

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Q: Where is the EGR valve on a 97 V6 3.8L Buick Lesabre and how do you replace it?
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